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By Mary Matheson Steers

I have talked to quite a few people about a vegan lifestyle. Most were very confused. Did this mean throw away all of their clothing, skin creams, shampoo, throw out anything in the house having to do with ANIMALS.

My answer, and this may be in stark contrast with the opinion of others, was to say that if you really want to live a cruelty free life then start by not buying ANIMALS FOR CONSUMPTION, seek out products where no animal testing occurred and to research a new, cruelty free way of eating.

I feel that there is no need to throw away your clothing, blankets, etc. because the damage has already been done. I just said you should think now of never buying anything to do with animal abuse from this day forward. These people felt so good hearing this, especially the ones who could not afford new blankets etc. They were confused. "How can I be a vegan and still sleep under a wool blanket and therefore, what's the sense in even trying because they would be hypocrites so gave up the whole concept of not eating animals or dairy etc." I think I cleared a lot of questions. I was confused also about the word" Vegan"..for me, I just don't eat animals, don't buy products stemming from any kind of animal abuse and just make meals as I go along and find it easy..I think I used to live to, a salad, veggie burger or anything cruelty free is sufficient and I don't eat all that much because the fiber and other cruelty free ingredients are very filling.

I ate animals and feel like a new person since forcing myself to watch a video on the horrific cruelty that animals have to endure for our pleasure..that is why I always feel that you have to see this for brave..we owe the animals that much. If you do this, I will almost guarantee you will not eat animals or dairy ever again but you have to watch a video, preferably "Earthlings" It won't be pleasant but that unpleasant experience could never, ever compare to what these billions of animals are going through and it could all be avoided if we all show the compassion and love I know we have in our hearts. We just have to be brave enough to witness this and then change our way of eating..if I could do this, anyone can.

Thank you for reading this. Some people will resent this but I am just writing how I's up to each person to choose but nobody wants to see animals so violently treated and slaughtered. I know a lot will change. I beg you to watch a video and please don't turn a blind eye. We have the ability to Save these ANIMALS from a LIFE of horror..let's make this the year of kindness to all LIFE.

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