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It is our hope that this footage will bolster your resolve to help end animal cruelty.

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A Case for Change

A.L.F.: Behind the Mask: The Story Of The People Who Risk Everything To Save Animals (1:11:57 Behind the Mask: The Story Of The People Who Risk Everything To Save Animals is a 2006 documentary film about the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). It took three years of filming, interviewing, and editing to complete. The movie was created by animal-rights lawyer Shannon Keith, who owns Uncaged Films and ARME (Animal Rescue, Media & Education). The documentary was produced in response to a perceived bias in the mainstream media against the animal rights movement.
The film is about animal rights activists who break into laboratories and other facilities to provide previously unseen footage of the way animals are used.

A Life Connected (11:43) Available in six languages, this video gently and powerfully presents the truths about how each of our choices in the past built the world we live in today.

"A Sacred Duty" (60:15) A powerful expose on the dangers of global warming that shows how religious responses can make a major difference, and why a shift toward plant-based diets is an essential part of efforts to reduce global climate change and other environmental threats.

All the difference in the world (16:16) An extended scene from the documentary Peaceable Kingdom-A Journey Home. The urgent need to rescue thousands of animals from the destruction of a tornado brings out the best in a group of young activists. In one of the largest animal rescues in US history, Cayce Mell, Jason Tracy, and a team of volunteers race against time to remove countless birds trapped in crushed metal cages and transport them to safety at their sanctuary.

Blazing Animal Rights Speech by Philip Wollen (10:15) "Man, did he come to the table for this debate to deliver a huge performance and a powerful message. Bravo!"

COWSPIRACY (2:13) COWSPIRACY: The Sustainability Secret is a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following an intrepid filmmaker as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today, and investigates why the world's leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it.

Do You Want to Make History? (01:34) Slavery? Women Voting? Civil Rights? Arab Spring? Veganism?

Dog: Do Unto ALL Others (01:27) Thought provoking and touching, this video is about the importance of treating all life equally. Do unto others as you would have them do unto matter the species.

Earthlings (02:49) Trailer for EARTHLINGS, a feature length documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. EARTHLINGS is by far the most comprehensive documentary ever produced on the correlation between nature, animals, and human economic interests. There are many worthy animal rights films available, but this one transcends the setting. EARTHLINGS cries to be seen. Highly recommended!

Exploring Connections between Black Liberation & Animal Liberation by Christopher Sebastian McJetters (22:20) This talk was given by Christopher Sebastian at Vevolution festival, at Oval Space, London on the 5th November 2016 exploring the connectedness between black liberation and animal liberation.

Extraordinary Vegan Lecture (70:22) Many people have stated that THIS video was a major inspiration for their becoming vegan / animal rights activists.

Father Frank Mann's Awakening to Compassion for Animals (06:42) Father Mann's own journey has been inspired by visionaries such as Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton, who have shown compassion and moral leadership in the face of injustice. He recently had a deep personal awakening to the plight of animals, and has since incorporated the values of veganism and animal rights into his spiritual life and vision of a more just and peaceful world.

Global Impact of Our Diet - PSA (01:00) From Let's Act Now, an impactful 60-second PSA (public service announcement) demonstrates how what we eat has direct consequences on so many problems on our planet. A call to be responsible for our personal actions and how to save so much life.

Giving Chimps Freedom (02:29) James Franco (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) and Kevin Nealon (Saturday Night Live alumnus and Showtime's Weeds) have joined PCRM to work to pass the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act this year.

Humane Hoax Video (05:33) In honor of International Respect for Chickens Day 2015, United Poultry Concerns is proud to present our new video exposing the hoax of “humane” eggs and chicken products.

International Nonviolence Conference (26:25) Can conflicts ever be resolved if we have not grappled with the basic problem of finding empathy for others (including species) who are not exactly like us and whom we may view as inferior?

James Aspey-This Speech Is Your WAKE UP CALL! (1:35) James Aspey is Australian, vegan, and an animal rights activist. In 2014, James took a 365 day vow of silence to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence. In this speech he explains the importance of being vegan and how to communicate the vegan message in an effective way.

Just Different (04:45) Think about this video. "We are no better than them. Just different. Each day I choose to save a life simply by what I eat."

MAD COWBOY-HOW TO TELL THE TRUTH AND GET IN TROUBLE (58:49) Howard Lyman, known as the "Mad Cowboy," is a former cattle rancher-turned vegan and food safety activist. In 1996, he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show, resulting in the infamous "Veggie Libel" case brought on by Texas ranchers.

Nancy Pearlman Interviews Veda Stram at the 2018 Animal Rights Conference (11 minutes) This interview was conducted by Nancy Pearlman and was aired on Environmental Directions Radio. The purpose of the interview was to share  the work of

Okja (2:14) In 2007, Lucy Mirando becomes CEO of the Mirando Corporation, succeeding her controversial grandfather, her father and her cruel twin sister Nancy. She announces that they have been breeding a special kind of superpig. Twenty-six of the best pigs will be sent to locations around the world, and ten years later, one will be crowned the winner.

Peaceable Kingdom-A Journey Home (1:17:53) Can a change of heart change the world? Two animal rescuers, five farmers, and a cow named Snickers will make you laugh and cry, expand your consciousness, and challenge your ideas about who animals are. Open your eyes. Trust your heart. Take the journey.

Pulverizing (11:43) A case for change, if ever there was one! Whatever profit that may result from this horrific business is unacceptable from any humane person's point of view. This is an industrial shredder, probably at a rendering plant.

Sharing the Possibilities of Veganism (02:00) I was a participant at the “I am NOT an animal!” symposium in Atlanta, Georgia in February 2017, a philosophical, religious, spiritual exploration into why so many humans seem to be negative or disconnected or uncaring about nature and animals. After a day and a half of ‘why humans are the way we are about nature/animals’ and no one mentioning THE most impactful thing every human can do to alter their relationship with nature and animals, I knew I had to stand up and speak - Veda Stram.

Thanksgiving Grace (00:41) A charming young family member's Thanksgiving dinner blessing that tells the truth about the bird about to be eaten.

The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear (70:22) An extraordinary presentation on veganism by Gary Yourofsky.

The Last Pig (2:00) Deeply immersive and experiential, the film follows a pig farmer-Bob Comis from Schoharie, NY, through his final season of slaughtering pigs.

There’s nothing manly about eating meat (15:52) Learn why men from across the country are adopting a vegan lifestyle and discovering the benefits of a plant based diet. The following interviews were recorded by Ryan Henn during the 2011 Vegans in Vegas event.

The Witness (43:49) How does a construction contractor from a tough Brooklyn neighborhood become an impassioned animal activist? In this award-winning documentary, Eddie Lama explains how he feared and avoided animals for most of his life, until the love of a kitten opened his heart, inspiring him to rescue abandoned animals, become a vegetarian, and ultimately, to bring his message of compassion to the streets of New York.

"Things Have Got To Change . . ." (04:12) Voluntary ignorance and apathy will never alleviate the atrocities committed to animals throughout the world.

Tom Regan (09:50) Does the Animal Kingdom require a 'Bill of Rights'? Dr Tom Regan, author of "The Case for Animal Rights," opens the debate.

Veducated (1:05:55) Part sociological experiment and part adventure comedy, Vegucated follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks. Lured by tales of weight lost and health regained, they begin to uncover the hidden sides of animal agriculture that make them wonder whether solutions offered in films like Food, Inc. go far enough. This entertaining documentary showcases the rapid and at times comedic evolution of three people who discover they can change the world one bite at a time.

Vegan-Everyday Stories (1:30:35) A feature-length documentary that explores the lives of four remarkably different people who share a common thread - they're all vegan. The movie traces the personal journeys of an ultramarathon runner who has overcome addiction to compete in one hundred mile races, a cattle rancher's wife who creates the first cattle ranch turned farmed animal sanctuary in Texas, a food truck owner cooking up knee-buckling plant-based foods, and an 8-year-old girl who convinces her family of six to go vegan.

What the Health What the Health is the groundbreaking follow-up film from the creators of the award winning documentary Cowspiracy. The film follows intrepid filmmaker Kip Andersen as he uncovers the secret to preventing and even reversing chronic diseases – and investigates why the nation’s leading health organizations don’t want us to know about it. With heart disease and cancer the leading causes of death in America, and diabetes at an all-time high, the film reveals possibly the largest health cover-up of our time.

Why Vegan  (04:06) Being vegan is the most responsible and morally conscious thing each one of us can do. "Now that I've told you why I'm vegan, you can tell me why you're not"...

Animal Rights

Erik Marcus (11:40) Erik Marcus speaking at the AR2007 National Conference about effective outreach.

Harold Brown (11:17) Harold Brown speaking at the AR2007 National Conference discussing various topics related to animal rights vs. animal welfare.

Human Values and Animal Rights (03:06) "You cannot divorce the values that abuse animals, and those that abuse people and abuse the planet, for they are the same values."

Howard Lyman (16:24) Howard Lyman Speaking at the AR2007 National Conference, reviewing his background and current initiatives.

Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) (04:38) Founded in 2001, ICAS is the first interdisciplinary scholarly center in higher education dedicated to establishing and expanding the field of Critical Animal Studies (CAS).

Moby’s New Music Video, “Don’t Leave Me,” (3:37) Is the Animal Rights Anthem of Our Time. We can all take a stand for animals who are abused and neglected by the meat industry by leaving animal products off our plates for good.

Official Animal Rights March-NYC 2017 (3:16) Video highlights of the Official Animal Rights March-NYC 2017

Tom Regan (09:50) Does the Animal Kingdom require a 'Bill of Rights'? Dr Tom Regan, author of "The Case for Animal Rights," opens the debate.

Animal Testing and Experimentation

An Introduction to Animal Testing (06:08) An overview of the truth about cruelty, greed and useless painful animal testing.

Beagles Rescued from Lab (09:21) These dogs had never seen the outdoors, walked on grass or felt a gentle touch. We captured their first steps into a kind world.

Brutality at Product-Testing Laboratory (05:47) PETA's 2010 undercover video exposes vicious treatment of dogs and cats and rabbits at Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS), Corapeake, North Carolina.

Covance Cruelty (04:49) PETA undercover video at a Covance Laboratory in 2005 shows blatant cruelty, outright vicious treatment of animals and useless painful experiments and tests that do nothing to help human beings.

Dogs in Danger at Veterinary School (04:49) Stop Animal Exploitation Now! (SAEN) is interviewed by a Knoxville TV station, exposing abuse to dogs in University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Donkey Foal Electrocuted at Egyptian Vet School (02:01) This donkey foal was crudely electrocuted by having wires attached to two of his feet, an ear and genitals and then shocked to death. His death was, fortunately, immediate. Why do this? Ask vivisectors.

Good Science vs. Bad Science (08:33) Dr. Andre Menache clearly and simply delineates why vivisection is cruel, unscientific and unneeded.

Interview with Protester at UW Primate Center (08:36) Interview with Dr. Debra Durham a Primatologist with PETA in front of the University of Washington's Western Ave. Primate Research Center (WaNPRC).

Life in the Lab (13:30) SAEN president Michael Budkie's introduction to animal experimentation issues, September 2011.

Protesters Comments about UW Primate Center (10:24) Interviews with several protesters in front of the University of Washington Western Ave. Primate Research Center (WaNPRC).

Questioning the Medical Value of Vivisection (2:48) Dr Robert Mendelsohn, former professor and President of the National Health Federation, speaks about the problems with data derived from animal testing.

Test of a Civilization: We Fail (04:43) This video takes us through just a small observation of the surface of animal testing through facilities such as University of California - Riverside, Boys Town Research Center, University of North Carolina, and Iams Pet Food Laboratory. Narrated by James Cromwell.

The Multi-Billion Dollar Lie: Animal Experimentation (09:53) If I told you something claims to save lives, but actually leads to injury or death; that taxpayers hand over $12-18 billion for it yearly; and that the only ones getting rich are corporate purveyors with a harmful product - you'd probably get angry...

The Cruelty Behind Iams Pet Food (08:18) Unfortunately behind Iams dog and cat foods lie dark secrets.

The Ugly Truth About Botox (05:23) British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) undercover investigation exposes brutal treatment of thousands of animals for botox experimentation.

Who Is Policing to Keep Companion Animal Safe from Vivisectors? (03:53) Dog and cat guardians don't know that their tax money pays for a staff of federal government workers who are supposed to keep their dogs and cats safe in their yards and healthy when they buy them from breeders.

Animals for Entertainment and Other Uses

Angel's Story (04:58) Undercover PETA investigator documents the horrific lack of care for Angel, a baby Cockatoo at Rainbow World Exotics, a small-animal-breeding mill in Texas that supplies birds and small mammals to pet stores.

Blackfish (2:23) Many of us have experienced the excitement and awe of watching 8,000 pound orcas, or "killer whales," soar out of the water and fly through the air at sea parks, as if in perfect harmony with their trainers. Yet this mighty black and white mammal has many sides -- a majestic, friendly giant, seemingly eager to take trainers for a ride around the pool, yet shockingly -- and unpredictably -- able to turn on them at a moment's notice. BLACKFISH unravels the complexities of this dichotomy, employing the story of notorious performing whale Tilikum, who -- unlike any orca in the wild -- has taken the lives of several people while in captivity. So what went wrong?

Bolivian "Circus" Lions Find Sanctuary (03:46) Four “retiring” circus Animals from Bolivia (who recently banned animals in circus!) arrived at PAWS Sanctuary and touch grass for the first time in their lives.

Brutality at Pet Store Supplier (03:46) PETA undercover investigator's video shows the widespread suffering of hundreds of birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, and rats in Sun Pet's enormous warehouses: neglect, cruelty, filth, drownings.

Bullfighting (04:18) From the moment the bull enters the ring, he is destined to die.

Carriage Horses: A Day in the Life (06:57) A powerful video showing the day-to-day existence, from dawn till night, of New York City carriage horses.

Death at Kentucky Derby: 2008 (2:05) "The gamblers in their seersucker suits, wide-brimmed hats, with a mint julep in one hand and still waving their betting slips in the other, and then realized something had gone wrong..." - ABC News reports the details leading to Eight Belles's death on the track of the Kentucky Derby.

Elephant Training (02:54) Baby elephants are captured in the wild and separated from their mothers for the first time in their lives. They are forced into “crush boxes” where they are beaten, harassed, mutilated, whipped and stabbed, deprived of food and water.

Flaming Bull "Festival" (01:46) Bulls have fireworks or flaming wax attached to their horns and are then set "free" to run in the streets or in closed arenas being by hundreds of people chasing and taunting them.

Flaming Bull "Festival" - Toro Jubilo (02:36) Unlike the video above (Flaming Bull "Festival"), this video shows the torment bulls endure before, as well as during the ordeal that is held regularly as part of "religious festivals."

Greyhound Racing Exposed in Tucson AZ (02:19) GREY2KUSA's team of professional investigators finally got into to the Tucson, Arizona, kennel compound to learn the truth about how the dogs are treated "between" races.

Hare Coursing (01:47) Thousands of hares are snatched from the wild and chased by greyhounds. Some of the hares will be battered and mauled into the ground by the dogs. Some will sustain injuries so severe that they will die on the coursing fields. All will suffer the fear and stress of running for their lives.

Hidden in Darkness: ‘Trunking’ is Dog Fighting’s Ugly Secret (05:03) One of the most barbaric forms of animal cruelty has an underbelly which for years has remained literally hidden in darkness: “Trunking” is dog fighting’s ugly secret. “Two dogs will be thrown, literally, into the trunk of a car...The trunk is closed, and the operators either drive around for a set period of time, or just leave them in there with the trunk closed. And after a certain time, open the trunk, and the best man left is standing. And it’s a bloody mess in there, and that’s how they declare a winner.”

Huge "Pet" Snake versus Dead Rabbit (09:23) A "snake expert" marvels at how fascinating it is to watch "how snakes eat." After years of owning snakes he says, "I still have to sit back and watch in amazement" as snakes eat frozen dead animals.

Horse Drawn Carriage Accidents, New York City (02:28) Another "accident" between a horse-drawn carriage and a taxi in New York City. Both drivers were hospitalized.

Live Black Bunny Fed to a Christian School (02:43) In a Christian Academy, this teacher demonstrates the killing capability of a captive snake against a small black bunny. We hear the children laughing as the rabbit extends his claws as he fights to survive.

No Hollywood Ending for Tai and Rosie (06:51) Undercover video of brutal training sessions interspersed with elephants Tai and Rosie "performing" at circuses.

"Pet" Albino Burmese Python Eating a Live Rabbit** (01:06) A large white rabbit is put into a glass-encased area with a giant albino Python who grabs the rabbit, suffocates him. The snake is forced to live in these unnatural circumstances for the amusements of humans.

"Pet" Python Eats Live Chick** (02:43) For almost two minutes we can hear the chick peeping as he is devoured and moves inch by inch down the body of this huge snake who is forced to live as "property" in these unnatural circumstances for people's amusement.

Pigeon Shoots (06:45) This video shows the realities of events organized around shooting pigeons for "fun and entertainment."

Pigeon Shoot Dead Pile, Some Still Alive (06:04) This 2010 video documents the monstrous truth about Pennsylvania's infamous live pigeon shoot, which murder hundreds of thousands of pigeons annually.

Primates in Entertainment: An Exposé (9:30) The industrialized exploitation of non-human primates in the areas of entertainment, bush meat, pet trade and scientific research.

Ringling Bros. Abuse to Elephants (4:47) This video exposes several ways in which Ringling Bros. elephant trainers have been hurting the elephants in their care for decades. The use of bullhooks is covered in depth.

Ringling Brothers Elephant Abuse (05:45) In sharp contrast from what Ringling proclaims is good treatment of animals, undercover investigations reveal a strikingly different story of animal treatment practiced by Ringling.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus, 2009 (07:36) Moments before entering the circus ring, trainers strike elephants with bullhooks again and again and again.

Rodeo Cruelty - Mutton Busting (08:32) Teaching children that abusing animals for entertainment is a good thing? Children six and younger "ride" sheep in community-sanctioned rodeos.

Rodeo People Love Animals??? (02:22) Rodeo people claim they love and respect their animal victims. SHARK's video of a "steer wrestling" events shows the lack of "love and respect."

Rodeos Abuse Animals (11:00) Clearly shows the cruelty animals endure for "entertainment".

Rodeos In Europe (09:05) A horrible American tradition has been growing in popularity all over Europe.

Seaworld Tragedy (01:53) After Tilikum, the Orca Killer Whale, killed his "trainer" Dawn Brancheau at Seaworld in February 2010, Jean-Michel Cousteau comments on the tragedy that could have been avoided by not keeping “such wild enormous complex intelligent and free-ranging animals in captivity.”

Shock Electric - Animal Cruelty by Have Trunk Will Travel (05:33) Undercover video by Animal Defenders International shows the brutality Have Trunk Will Travel inflicts on the elephants they “own” and “lease” out for movies, TV shows, commercials and advertisements.

Snapperfest (12:41) The "Snapperfest Festival" has happened for probably 15 years in Indiana. Recent video has emerged showing the brutality inflicted on wild-caught turtles, billed and promoted as family entertainment.

Spaceless in Seattle (04:11) This animated video was produced by Ken Moore to powerfully demonstrate the plight of Chai, Bamboo and Watoto, the three elephants "living" at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo as of July 2010.

Mexico City Bull Tries to Escape the Bullring (01:53) Already having been stabbed several times by the "matador's assistants," and before the matador kills the bull after tormenting him for the crowd, this bull leaps over the barrier and into the midst of the spectators.

The Real Face of Dogfighting (04:56) His name was Stallone. Rescued during a dogfighting raid (HSUS), this pitbull terrier won the love of everyone around him. The heartbreaking story of this victim sheds light on the extreme cruelty he and other dogs like him endure fight after fight after fight...

Topsy's Electrocution (01:17) The Asian elephant Topsy was murdered because expediency and spectacle conspired with power and profit.

What's Wrong With Captivity (06:30) Marine Mammal Amusement Parks: Beneath the Surface.

Commercial Brands

Morgan Spurlock: McDonald's French Fries Experiment (05:00) Just how long does it take for a McDonald's French fry to break down compared to other restaurant French fries?

The Cruelty Behind Iams Pet Food (08:18) Unfortunately behind Iams dog and cat foods lie dark secrets.

Companion Animals

A Tribute to Marr and Boo (03:07) Gail Davis created this wonderful tribute to Marr Nealon, vegan/animal rights activist extraordinaire and her amazing relationship with the wonderful Boo who died December 2011. Enjoy!

AKC vs. KKK (0:55) They're devoted to pure bloodlines, labeling "mixed breeds" as inferior, and creating a dominant "master race." The only thing the American Kennel Club is missing are the pointy white hats.

Beagles Rescued from Lab (09:21) These dogs had never seen the outdoors, walked on grass or felt a gentle touch. We captured their first steps into a kind world.

Cruelty Behind Iams Pet Food (08:18) Unfortunately behind Iams dog and cat foods lie dark secrets.

Devocalization (02:34) Devocalization subjects animals to pain and stress along with serious risks, from blood loss and infection to horrific death from choking, aspiration pneumonia or heat stroke. Helpless to refuse this unnecessary surgery, they receive no benefit, not even the assurance of a secure home.

Dogs Deserve Better (04:38) Our entire history as humans has been shared with dogs. They deserve to be treated as our best friends! To see pictures of chained dogs juxtaposed with them in their new happy lives is just wonderful.

Do Unto ALL Others (01:27) Thought provoking and touching, this video is about the importance of treating all life equally. Do unto others as you would have them do unto matter the species.

Feline Declawing (28:28) Dr. Jennifer Conrad of The Paw Project discusses the crippling effects of feline declawing.

Help! Spay and Neuter Me! (02:19) Cats and dogs can't drive to the clinic...they need a little help getting spayed and neutered (music video).

How Much Water Can a Chained Dog Drink? (06:47) Just how long will a chained dog drink who is obviously deprived of water as well as food, basic love, decent shelter, and attention? Here's an attempt to answer that question.

Jimmy Stewart's Poem about Beau (03:52) A poem by the great Jimmy Stewart about the love of his dog Beau. For everyone who's loved any animal!

Police Dog "Training"? (02:51) Baltimore police dog "training" video... How common is this kind of training? It's worth investigating.

Puppy Mills (03:31) Rescuers arrived on scene to found 98 dogs, mostly poodles and other small breeds, living crowded amongst their own feces in small wire enclosures.

The Apology Video** (02:51) Some of the reasons people have for taking their animals from their homes and "surrendering" them to shelters.

The Myth of Pet Overpopulation (27:36) Nathan Winograd talks about his book "Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No-Kill Revolution in America."

Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered (59:19) A must see film exposing the truth about whales and dolphins in captivity.

Who Is Policing to Keep Companion Animal Safe from Vivisectors?  Dog and cat guardians don't know that their tax money pays for a staff of federal government workers who are supposed to keep their dogs and cats safe in their yards and healthy when they buy them from breeders.

Conversations with Pastor Frank Hoffman

Evil People Corrupt Creation (10:15)

The Golden Rule (3:56)

Reclaiming our lost love (2:34)

Fur, Wool, Leather, Down

Bear Hunting for Fashion (02:16) Bears killed for their hides are often shot during hunts, as many as one bear in seven is not killed immediately after being shot, and some escape wounded and die later from blood loss or starvation. This video shows the callousness behind hunting bears, whose very skins are sold for profit.

Change is Needed (03:02) This video highlights the need for Egyptian authorities to pass animal protection laws, and includes footage of Australian and non-Australian animals in Egypt.

Dog and Cat Fur Trade in China (02:50) This is yet another video which clearly shows what is really going on in the Chinese fur trade. Products exported to the U.S. and other countries are often labeled as imitation products. But in reality, a lot of these items are real.

Exotic Animals Skinned for Fashion (02:59) Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, this PETA video exposes the cold-blooded cruelty of the exotic-skins trade...all for "fashion."

Facts: What Everyone Needs to Know About Fur (08:50) Go undercover with fashion designer Todd Oldham and top model Magali as they catch pelt-pushers, desperate to unload unwanted merchandise, lying to customers about how animals are killed for their fur.

Fashion Victims - Narrated by Designer Tim Gunn (04:00) From PETA: Fashion designer Tim Gunn describes what happens to animals bred and killed for their fur. And he exposes design school students to the realities of the truth about where fur, leather, wool and other skins come from. NOTE: All-Creatures does not condone the use of fake or faux fur, leather, wool, skins, etc., for the simple reason that it encourages people that a particular "look" is fashionable. Whether or not people know what they admire is "fake" or "real," they may be tempted to continue to buy products that brutalize animals.

Fur Farms (05:50) The industry standard of how animals are typically raised and killed for their fur.

Karakul (Baby Lamb) Coats (03:17) Before they are three days old, Karakul lambs are slaughtered and skinned to be made into “fashionable” garments. It takes as many as 30 of their small bodies to make a single full-length coat. To attain “tighter” curled fur, some are killed while still in the womb, a process that kills the mother as well. It is known by several names in the fashion industry: Broadtail, Persian Lamb, Russian Broadtail.

Live Animal Exports - Indefensible (03:56) This moving documentary shows the routine handling of Australian sheep exported to Egypt. People in the Middle East believe Australians approve of this treatment of animals because of the willingness to supply animals to the region.

Major Department Stores Selling Real Fur Labeled as "Fake" (02:00) The HSUS uncovers false online advertising at Macy's (and other major stores), where real fur coats are marketed as faux.

Message from Project Runway Winner (04:29) Project Runway season 1 winner Jay McCarroll and the Humane Society of the United States produced this film about what goes into fur and fur trim. Make a real statement: make compassion your fashion.

Plucking the Down from Geese (04:00) In countries where this cruel practice continues, up to five ounces of feathers and down are pulled from each bird every six weeks from the time that they are ten weeks old until they are up to four years of age when they're sent to slaughter.

Rabbits Slaughtered for Their Fur (01:57) Rabbits are treated with unbelievable cruelty so that people can wear their fur.

Raccoon Dogs Skinned Alive for Fur (1:37) Many companies falsely label products as "fake" or as "Asian raccoon" when in reality the fur is from raccoon dogs. Boycott ALL fur and fur trim whether it is considered fake or real. You will be shocked at this brutality.

The Real Face of Dogfighting (04:56) His name was Stallone. Rescued during a dogfighting raid (HSUS), this pitbull terrier won the love of everyone around him. The heartbreaking story of this victim sheds light on the extreme cruelty he and other dogs like him endure fight after fight after fight.

Transporting Cats and Dogs for Fur and Food (02:36) Whether dogs or cats are brought to be slaughter to become food or fur products, the methods are uncaring, brutal and blatantly cruel. Like people who transport cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys to slaughter, people transporting cats and dogs exhibit the same disregard for each individual living creature.

Trapping Video: Our Betrayal of Wildlife (04:14) Compilation of images of animals suffering after being caught in various kinds of barbaric traps: snares, conibear traps, leghold traps. Victims of this unimaginable cruelty suffer brutal, unspeakably violent and inhumane treatment, all away from public view.

What Kind of A Person Steals Another Guy's Coat? (:30) PETA animation of a "skinned" rabbit and crocodile demonstrating how wearing fur and skin is "stealing someone’s coat." Sometimes subtlety is a great way to educate people about the horrors the fur industry causes animals.

Wool Industry Exposed (03:34) In this shocking video, Pink exposes the cruelty in the Australian wool industry and calls for a boycott until the Australian government bans the cruel practices of mulesing and the exportation of tens of thousands of sheep each year.

Would You Wear It if You Knew It Was REAL? (3:22) This new video shows the harrowing cruelty of the fur trade and features heartbreaking scenes of animals -- including cats and dogs -- being suffocated, electrocuted and skinned alive. Narrator Olivia Munn appeals to all fashion lovers to show compassion and say no to fur and fur trim.

Healthful Eating

See more videos on Health and Veganism

A Life Connected (11:43) Go vegan - For the People, For the Planet, For the Animals. The question isn't whether or not you can make a difference. You are making a difference. But what kind of difference are you making? What kind of difference do you want to make? Each of our choices in the past built the world we live in today. And each of our choices from this moment forward will build the world we live in tomorrow. We will build a world reflective of our values when our everyday choices are aligned with those values.

An Awesome-Rawsome Desert** (12:39) Presentation from Coffey Break. Even Diabetics can enjoy DREAM CREAM.

Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, Sugar - Physically Addictive Foods (40:12) This engaging 40-minute video presented by Dr. Neal Barnard, of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, will prove to be time well invested. Please share this with everyone you know!

Dennis Kucinich on Being Vegan** (02:24) Congressman from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich is the only vegan currently serving in the United States Congress. This video was a response to a Q and A Dennis holds online to hear from constituents and supporters.

Eating Animal Fat (Meat) Linked to Cancer (1:07) Study reveals a direct link between eating animal fat and developing breast cancer, especially when women eat it in their younger years. Animal fat includes meat, cheese, dairy products and ice cream.

Eating you alive (3:49) Offical trailer-Eating You Alive is a feature length documentary revealing the truth behind why Americans are so sick and what we can do about it and how we can change the course of our health.

Engine2: Plant-strong & healthy living by Rip Esselstyn (17:58) Rip Esselstyn, a former firefighter and author of The Engine 2 Diet, advocates a plant-strong diet to combat chronic diseases. Esselstyn inspired his fellow firefighting crew at the Austin Engine 2 station to follow a plant-based diet and dramatically heal their health. In 2012, Engine 2 and Whole Foods Market unveiled the Engine 2 food line.

Food Inc (2:16) Offical trailer of the 2008 American documentary that lifts the veil on our nation's food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that's been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of our government's regulatory agencies, USDA and FDA. Our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment.

Food Matters (1:17:52) "Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food." -- Hippocrates. That's the message from the founding father of modern medicine echoed in the controversial new documentary film 'Food Matters' from first- time Producer-Directors James Colqhuoun and Laurentine ten Bosch. In what promises to be the most contentious idea put forward, the filmmakers have interviewed several world leaders in nutrition and natural healing who claim that not only are we harming our bodies with improper nutrition, but that the right kind of foods, supplements and detoxification can be used to treat chronic illnesses as fatal as terminally diagnosed cancer.

Forks Over Knives (02:56) Trailer for a documentary demonstration that many of our most debilitating degenerative diseases are almost always preventable, and in many cases reversible, through diet's about going vegan.

Hungry for Change (1:29:19) From the creators of the best-selling documentary Food Matters® comes another hard-hitting film certain to change everything you thought you knew about food and nutrition. Hungry for Change exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight loss and food industries don't want you to know about deceptive strategies designed to keep you coming back for more. Find out what's keeping you from having the body and health you deserve and how to escape the diet trap forever.

Last Heart Attack - A Groundbreaking CNN Report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta (13:14) Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN's Chief medical correspondent, has been investigating the No. 1 killer in America for over a year. Now, he has life-saving lessons to share, things your doctor may not tell you.

The Future of Food (1:28:51) The Future of Food offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled grocery store shelves for the past decade.

Truth or Dairy?** (07:40) All the things a vegan diet can prevent. Produced many years ago, this video, with statistics, images and occasional satire, clearly demonstrates the vast advantages of being vegan.

Vegan Break: Bite-Sized Vegan Videos Some people worry that becoming vegan would break the bank. It doesn’t have to be that way, and in fact a well-planned vegan diet can cost considerably less than an omnivorous diet.

WaFeePBen: Ask your doctor if it is right for you (1:01) Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute's video commercial parody.

Horses and other Equines

Carriage Horses: Driving Into Nightmares (02:34) A powerful film about the horse drawn carriage business and many important reasons to boycott this hideous industry.

Donkey Foal Electrocuted at Egyptian Vet School (02:01) This donkey foal was crudely electrocuted by having wires attached to two of his feet, an ear and genitals and then shocked to death. His death was, fortunately, immediate. Why do this? Ask vivisectors.

Horse Drawn Carriage Accidents, New York City (02:28) Another "accident" between a horse-drawn carriage and a taxi in New York City. Both drivers were hospitalized.

Horse Racing: Behind The Glamour (06:41) Learn the facts about race horses and their likely fate in this "business" and see behind the scenes footage of the horse racing industry.

Horse Slaughterhouse (08:28) At this horse slaughterhouse, unwanted healthy, young horses are prodded into the knocking box where some become panicked.

Hot Iron Branding of a Horse (:03) Ever wonder how painful a scalding hot iron branding might feel?

Hidden Secret Behind Horseracing (07:53) Few casual horse racing fans are aware that many former racing horses are slaughtered for profit. When a thoroughbred race horse reaches the end of its career or is simply no longer profitable on the track, it is often taken directly to auction and sold for meat. (2 parts)

Mustang Conspiracy (22:57) ATS News' Mark Allin interviews KLAS TV's George Knapp about a very dark and very real travesty that is being played out against our wild mustangs by a cast of bad actors from the U.S. Government.

Premarin (Pregnant Mare Urine) (04:47) The most prescribed hormone drug for treating menopausal symptoms in women is made from the urine of pregnant horses. Really? Yes.

Race Horses Slaughtered in Japan (02:55) PETA captured video footage of a thoroughbred's last minutes. The horse is sprayed with water before slaughter—frightened and uncertain about what is happening. He panics, and at one point, just before being killed, he slips out of his halter and escapes inside the slaughterhouse, only to be caught—and killed—minutes later.

The True Cost of Canada's Horsemeat Industry (04:19) Undercover video from a Canadian slaughterhouse provides compelling evidence that the much touted Equine Identification Document (EID) program put forward by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) invites fraud and of course, horrific abuse.


"30 Days" Hunter/Animal Rights Episode (42:34) An avid hunter from the South spends 30 days with a PETA activist and her vegan family in Southern California to gain insight into the animal rights cause. (Season 3, Episode 3 of the show "30 Days")

Aerial Hunting of Alaska’s Wolves (02:24) Each year, Alaska permits private citizens to chase down and kill dozens of wolves using low-flying aircraft and high-powered rifles.

Bear Hunting with Dogs (05:22) This video shows a terrified bear trying to escape a pack of hunting dogs. The bear's shooter says "What a beautiful bear" and then shoots the bear dead.

Bear Hunter’s Disturbing Display of Joy from a Kill** (02:45) This footage primarily records the reaction of the woman who kills the bear with her bow and arrow.

Hunter Harassment** (30:00) Three presentations at the 2010 Animal Rights Conference of private property owners (mostly women) harassed by law enforcement and hunters for attempting to stop the hunting of animals on their land.

Leg Hold Traps (05:46) See what leg hold traps really are and how they work. This video also discusses the governments' role in the continuation and promotion of cruel traps.

Penning - Training Dogs to Hunt (04:15) Foxes and coyotes are moved into "penned" areas where dogs are trained to hunt by chasing them down and tearing them apart. Many of the foxes and coyotes are caught in the wild and transported to these "sport" venues

Meat, Dairy, Eggs, Foie Gras

A Cage Is A Cage (01:30) Humane Farming Association (HFA) produced this animation to demonstrate their opposition to the 2012 legislation, Egg Products Inspection Act.

45 Days: The Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken (11:59) A documentary exposing the broiler industry and its disregard for animal welfare.

4,000 Cows Are Slaughtered Per Hour (1:44) Animated visual demonstrating the reality of over 4000 cows who are slaughtered every day just in the U.S. alone. And the way to end these atrocities? Go vegan!

Bird Flu* (04:00) Many experts believe that the bird flu virus that triggers the next human pandemic may come from filthy, crowded factory farms.

Birth and Death...Moments Apart in a Slaughterhouse (05:19) A pregnant cow is hoisted into the air by one of her rear legs, then her throat is slit. As she bleeds out, her midsection is slashed and a calf falls on cement. Some slaughterhouse, somewhere.

Bison Hazing** (00:29) The Montana Department of Livestock shows no respect for anything in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Not only are they hazing buffalo but they ride snowmobiles through riparian areas and disturb other wildlife as well.

Bison Slaughter Facility (01:01) Yellowstone National Park Service employees haze buffalo into the Stephens Creek slaughter facility.

Bluefin Tuna - Facing Extinction** (02:45) Bluefin Tuna are not food. They are precious wild beings who need to be protected now...before it's too late.

Bluefin Tuna Slaughter in Sardinia (03:07) Brutal footage of a yearly bluefin tuna slaughter in Carloforte, Sardinia.

Branding and Tagging Dairy Cows (06:20) Many dairy cows are branded and tagged, without anesthetic, with no regard for their pain, no concern for the effects these practices have on their milk production.

Bunnies Rescued from "Urban Farmer"** (05:29) These cute baby bunnies were rescued after being born at a shelter in late 2011. Momma bunny was confiscated by animal control from an Oakland, California resident who was raising rabbits in squalid conditions for meat.

Butterball Abuse (02:21) Butterball has become synonymous with turkey. But how do the millions of turkeys who end up in the grocery store, or served at restaurants, under the Butterball brand, really live and die?

Calf Slaughter Cruelty (04:10) Calves only a few days old—many with their umbilical cords still hanging from their bodies—unable to stand or walk on their own were repeatedly kicked, slapped and shocked with electric prods. All to be slaughtered to be processed into "veal."

Catfish Are Skinned Alive (02:09) From the water to the cutting table, fish are tortured – suffocated, skinned and dismembered, all while conscious and feeling pain.

Chew on This (03:40) 30 reasons to stop eating meat and "go vegan".

Chicken and Turkey Slaughterhouses (03:11) Revealing the horrors of slicing the necks of living chicken after chicken after chicken (thousands an hour) in a "modern" slaughterhouse.

Chicks Ground Up Alive (3:44) Thrown, dropped, mutilated, and ground-up alive. This is the shocking reality faced by 150,000 male of chicks every day at the world's largest egg-laying breed hatchery – Hy-Line International in Spencer, Iowa. Mercy for Animals undercover footage.

Cows Slaughtered One by One by One (4:00) The cows in this video are forced down a chute and then turned upside down in specially designed machinery, have their throats slit, their tracheas pulled out.

Cruelty at New York's Largest Dairy Farm (09:31) Calves having their tails cut off and horns burned out of their skulls without painkillers, workers hitting, kicking and shocking cows, sick and injured animals left to suffer without proper veterinary care, and cows forced to live in filthy and overcrowded sheds.

Dangerous Milk (10:21) Journalists are fired by their TV station after refusing to change an investigative report documenting potential health problems from drinking milk treated with synthetic hormones.

Deer Slaughter (3:30) Slaughterhouse worker kneels on deer's backs to restrain the animals and* expose their throats — which were then slit while the deer were conscious.

Dog Meat Factory (4:45) According to some people around the world, it is commonly believed that the more an animal suffers before death, the better the taste and potency of the meat.

Downers (09:59)** "Downers" is the description of animals who are too sick or injured to walk to their own slaughter.

Dunkin' Donuts Egg Cruelty Exposed (05:35) Yet more evidence of the horrific daily horrors egg-laying chickens endure.

Eggs (03:35) Within minutes of being hatched in incubators, male baby chicks are discarded, disregarded, trashed; females are sent to a lifetime of horror including debeaking and then being crammed into wire cages, laying eggs, having no room to even spread their wings, for over a year until they are worn out and then slaughtered to become chicken broth.

Egg-laying chickens abused by workers at Turlock Farm, California (07:00) Hidden camera footage recorded by an undercover investigator reveals shocking animal abuse at California's largest egg factory.

Environmental Impacts of Factory Farming** (24:15) A Sierra Club documentary about the impacts of industrial farming on ecosystems, our air, soil, water, human health, and Animal Wellbeing.

Faces of "Free-Range" Farming (4:36) The truth about "free-range," "cage-free," and "humane" eggs, dairy, and meat.

Fish Slaughtered by the Billions (01:51) At least 40 billion individual sea animals are captured and slaughtered each year around the world...billion!

Foie Gras Assembly Line (08:58) Farm Sanctuary and Global Action Network undercover footage depicts the moment-by-moment cruelty endured by ducks, from the moment they hatch until they are slaughtered.

Foie Gras: Delicacy in Despair (05:14) PETA Undercover footage detailing standard, daily practices utilized in foie gras production.

Foie Gras Cruelty (05:49) Geese are grabbed one by one, hundreds a day, a funnel is shoved down their throats and their stomachs are filled pounds of corn meal; this is repeated a few times a day for weeks until their livers are up to ten times "normal" size and then they are slaughtered so their livers can be sold as foie gras.

Foie Gras Cruelty (en Espanol)** PowerPoint presentation of the horrors of foie gras production with subtitles in Spanish. This video validates that this kind of abuse continues all over the world.

Free Me (02:27) John Feldman of Goldfinger wrote the lyrics behind this video after seeing a truck full of chickens on their way to slaughter. His commitment was to educate people about how animals make it from the slaughter house to the dinner plate and the brutal conditions they are kept in until they are killed to be food. "Go vegan" is his message.

Go Vegan for Animal Liberation (04:00) If you currently live on a diet consisting of meat & dairy, we kindly urge you to view all four minutes of this film.

GOT the facts on MILK? (1:27:53) also known as "The Milk Documentary" is an entertaining, award winning feature documentary that dares to question the conventional wisdom of the much publicized health benefits of milk and dairy products. Addressing myth, truth and all in-between, the film is a humorous yet shocking exposition that provokes serious thought about this everyday staple.

Huge Stream of Pig Blood in Trinity River (02:55) A civilian's drone finds "huge stream" of blood" from a pig slaughter facility being dumped into Trinity River, Texas.

Humane Hoax Video (05:33) In honor of International Respect for Chickens Day 2015, United Poultry Concerns is proud to present our new video exposing the hoax of “humane” eggs and chicken products.

Humans Just Aren't Cut Out to Eat Meat (5:44) Dan Piraro of Bizarro fame made this animation where a talking pig explains the many reasons why eating meat is unnatural for humans.

"Humane" Turkey Slaughter (02:08) Free From Harm provided this video of one example of what "humane" slaughter really looks like.

I Only Saw Her For an Instant** (01:25) Lovely video with a poem honoring the dignity of a cow who will soon be slaughtered...a lovely queen.

I Want to Live (3:21) Poignant video of one cow on the way to slaughter and the hopeless attempt to escape.

Inside a Live Poultry Market (09:55) The scenes you are about to watch are actual footage taken at a live poultry and meat market on Ely Street in The Bronx, New York on December 22, 2003, just before Christmas. Better than “factory farming”? You decide.

Inside the Pork Industry (6:26) Mercy For Animals (MFA) undercover investigation reveals unconscionable cruelty to mother pigs and their young piglets at a Hatfield Quality Meat supplier, Country View Family Farms, in Fannettsburg, Pennsylvania.

Kosher Slaughter (4:00) Video depicting the horrors inflicted on cows in the name of religious tradition.

Meat the Truth: Global Warming Documentary (1:12:19) How to stop global warming? This extraordinary movie made by the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation from Holland shows us the whole and bitter truth about the influence of the meat industry on our climate and on the devastation of our environment, water and air.

Meatopia 2012 (07:58) What does Whole Foods' surreal Best Butcher Contest have to do with HSUS and the future of animal advocacy? And why are activists increasingly being pressured to unite behind industry-advocacy collaborations?

Meet Your Meat (12:46) Undercover footage that shows industry standards of how animals are raised and killed to be food on today's large factory farms.

New England Egg Farm Investigation** (05:39) Monday, June 7, 2010, as part of a landmark civil settlement stemming from this Mercy For Animals undercover investigation, Quality Egg of New England, one of the largest egg producers in the nation, pleaded guilty to 10 counts of cruelty to animals.

Ohio Dairy Farm Brutality (03:43) Chilling undercover footage recorded during a new Mercy For Animals investigation exposes Conklin dairy farm workers sadistically abusing cows and young calves.

Ohio Fresh Eggs Investigation (08:58) An undercover investigation of Ohio's largest "animal care certified" egg factory farms.

Pigs Transported From Canada to Hawaii...for Luaus (05:07) Pigs are shipped by truck from Canada to the Oakland, California area. They are then loaded onto shipping containers after 36 hours of transport. Seven days and 4,000 miles later, the pigs arrive in Honolulu Harbor.

Pigs - Belcross Pig Farm Investigation (09:26) Narrated by James Cromwell, a PETA undercover investigator worked for months at Bellcross in North Carolina, the second largest pig producing company in the country. The daily brutality is stunningly horrific!

Pigs - Humans Do the "Mating" (04:18) Workers parade the boars in front of sows and ogle and fondle sows' genitals to see which pigs are "ready" to have a tube of pig semen shoved into them. Ample foreplay is involved in impregnating the females.

Pulverizing (11:43) A case for change, if ever there was one! Whatever profit that may result from this horrific business is unacceptable from any humane person's point of view. This is an industrial shredder, probably at a rendering plant.

Reindeer Slaughter (01:31) In the annual run-up to Christmas, with cheerful images of reindeer making their annual festive appearance, this video evidences the suffering inflicted on reindeer herds as they are rounded up in large numbers, transported and slaughtered.

Sad Fate of Male Chicks in Egg Hatcheries (03:40) The lives of male chicks are considered worthless by the egg industry. A Mercy for Animals undercover investigator worked for two weeks at Hy-Line Hatchery in Iowa, the world's largest hatchery for egg-laying breed chicks.

Shark Finning (00:46) A brief definition of the cruelty involved with 'shark finning' and its impact on marine life and the rest of the environment.

Sheep Murder (02:52) After being transported for days or even weeks crammed into trucks or on cargo ships, at the slaughterhouse sheep's throats are slit and they are left to bleed out, as they thrash and struggle for life on top of other dying sheep.

Silent Scream (00:31) Violence, domination, and bullying cause pain and suffering to all victims, including animals killed for food. VERY powerful...especially for people who don't "care" about fish.

Six-year-Old Sophia Says Don't Eat Eggs (01:13) Lovely video! Six-year-old Sophia tells us why she won't eat eggs.

Slaughterhouse Cruelty at House of Raeford Farms Exposed (07:48) In January and February of 2007 an MFA (Mercy for Animals) investigator worked undercover inside one of the country's largest poultry slaughterhouses within the "live-hang" area of the plant (where live birds are snapped into shackles on the slaughter line), secretly filming egregious acts of animal cruelty with a hidden camera.

The Ghosts in our Machine (02:23) With the exception of our companion animals and the wild and stray species within our urban environments, we experience animals daily only as the food, clothing, animal tested goods and entertainment we make of them. This moral dilemma is largely hidden from our view.

The Reality of "Enriched" Cages for Laying Hens (09:04) Originally aired on New Zealand television, this video verifies the inadequacies and cruelties of "enriched" and/or "refined" cages for laying hens.

The True Cost of Canada's Horsemeat Industry (04:19) Undercover video from a Canadian slaughterhouse provides compelling evidence that the much touted Equine Identification Document (EID) program put forward by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) invites fraud and of course, horrific abuse.

Turkey "Factory Farming" (04:56) PETA undercover investigation September through November 2008. Blatant, unimaginable cruelty is condoned by supervisors. If you eat turkeys, you support the abuses in this video.

Turkey Hatchery Babies (05:09) Over 350 million turkeys are slaughtered in the U.S. every year (about a million every day). This video depicts the unimaginable cruelty inflicted on those millions of baby turkeys in just the first two days of their doomed lives.

Turkeys - Extracting Semen (01:05) To impregnate female turkeys, factory farm workers restrain and masturbate male turkeys to "collect" their semen.

Turkeys - Injecting Semen (01:51) After "collecting" semen from male turkeys, female turkeys are restrained while semen is rammed into their vaginas with a tube or syringe.

Turtle Slaughter (08:27) This turtle was wild caught, dragged ashore and was brutally slaughtered, all the while writhing in agony. All for its flesh.

Vanishing of the Bees (02:32) Filming across the US, in Europe, Australia and Asia, this documentary examines the alarming disappearance of honeybees and the greater meaning it holds about the relationship between mankind and mother earth. As scientists puzzle over the cause, organic beekeepers indicate alternative reasons for this tragic loss.

Why Cows' Milk is Unhealthy** (03:25) An 8th grader created this documentary demonstrating how bad milk is for humans.

Popcorn Sermon Videos

Pastor Frank discusses how worldly efforts do not bring peace. Wisdom brings peace

Pastor Frank discusses seeing without understanding

Pastor Frank introduces Candy and Puppy

Pastor Frank discusses how phobias destroy love

Pastor Frank discusses living the truth

Pastor Frank discusses about Past Hauntings

Pastor Frank discusses how human indifference burned alive six million chickens.

Pastor Frank discusses the Bible telling us to live a compassionate life.

Pastor Frank tells us to resurrect into a new life, a vegan life!

Pastor Frank discusses living in an empathetic and compassionate way...

Pastor Frank tells us to look forward!

Pastor Frank discusses living a compassionate life.

Pastor Frank tells us to repent for all forms of animal exploitation.

Pastor Frank discusses that we are called to be peacemakers for all of creation.

Pastor Frank discusses not exploiting animals by honoring God by being vegan

Pastor Frank discusses living beyond scriptures

Pastor Frank discusses having Heavenly Empathy

Pastor Frank discusses Mankind kills Animals

Pastor Frank says Wake Up!

Pastor Frank discusses how empathy saves animals.

Pastor Frank discusses when God is absent, evil wins and animals are killed.

Pastor Frank discusses animals going to heaven.

Pastor Frank discusses seeing God

Pastor Frank discusses new year's resolutions

Pastor Frank discusses peace on Earth

Pastor Frank talks about joyously spreading God's message

Pastor Frank discusses that God’s love of all creation includes animals

Pastor Frank discusses whether God intends for us to eat animals or not

Pastor Frank discusses prop 12: setting new requirements on farmers to provide more space for egg-laying hens, breeding pigs, and calves raised for veal... is this really the answer?

Pastor Frank discusses fur

Pastor Frank discusses “owning animals”

Pastor Frank discusses part two of putting money before before God...specifically relating to a reaction of a journalist being killed.

Pastor Frank talks about the photo we shared on Facebook of the ducks used as live bait for hunters AND about people putting money before God

Pastor Frank talks about living in a meat-free zone!

Pastor Frank discusses extending our compassion to include the horse drawn carriage horses

Pastor Frank addresses the indifference towards animals, particularly during hurricane Florence

Pastor Frank talks about the churches’ indifference to the suffering of animals.

Pastor Frank talks about people's indifference

Pastor Frank answers “Do animals have souls Part Two”

Pastor Frank answers “Do animals have souls?”

Pastor Frank responds to the video we posted yesterday of male chicks being ground up alive

Pastor Frank talks about loving our neighbors. All our neighbors, including our non human neighbors

Pastor Frank talks about Proverbs 12:10

Pastor Frank addresses if God wanted us to eat animals

Pastor Frank talks about animal sacrifices

Pastor Frank says "Ask the Animals"

Religion and Animals

A Sacred Duty (60:15) A powerful expose on the dangers of global warming that shows how religious responses can make a major difference, and why a shift toward plant-based diets is an essential part of efforts to reduce global climate change and other environmental threats.

Christian Concern For All God's Creatures (36:22) Based on Scripture and the hidden reality in our world's system. It is an excellent educational tool for Universities, Seminaries and Churches. Based on God's Creatures Ministry's 2006 conference. It includes footage from Compassion Over Killing, Farm Sanctuary, and Fur-Bearer Defenders. Speakers include Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman, Deborah Jones, Stephen Kaufman, MD, Judy Carman and Jan Fredericks among others.

GoD and DoG (01:59) "I've seen love from both sides now / It's everywhere, Amen, bow wow..." Wendy Francisco.

Honoring God's Creation (26:00) Powerful video, excellent for inspiring people to take care of all of God's creatures. It would be a powerful addition to Christian Education classes. Many people of faith answer questions and speak about their commitments to animals, to veganism and to taking care of the earth.

Jesus Was Our First Animal Liberator~ (05:36) Jesus wanted to end the bloodshed of innocent animals.

Kapparot/Chicken-Swinging Ritual (10:00) Orthodox Jews swing chickens around their heads while reciting a chant about transferring the punishment God would otherwise confer on them onto the birds.

Religious/Ritual Animal Sacrifice (00:53) Considered a religious/ritual tradition for some Africans, the cow’s legs are tethered together and she is flipped on her side...

Sixth Commandment** (03:19) What part of "Thou shalt not kill" don't you understand?


Watching a Harpooned Whale Die (03:17) 1000 whales are hunted and slaughtered every year in the Antarctic “sanctuary.”

Sea Shepherd Captain Explains Its Mission (20:43) This conservation vessel is on a mission to intercept Japanese whalers in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary and put an end to the slaughter of these endangered species.

Whaling in Iceland After 17 years of the ban against whaling in Iceland, the whaling ship "Hvalur" (Whale 9) caught its first catch of the season (October 2006). This video documents the Fin whale slowly being dragged from sea to land and humans "processing" it's flesh to be sold in markets as meat. The video has a running time of about 33 minutes but is split into 5 segments.

Miscellaneous...Touching/Inspiring Videos

A Cat and a Deer (2:13) A tabby cat and a fawn epitomize the possibility of how we can all get along and just enjoy each other's company.

A Lion's Memory (2:28) "Christian," a lion reintroduced into the wild more than a year prior, recognizes his former 'keepers' and shows them great affection.

A Tribute to Marr and Boo (03:07) Gail Davis created this wonderful tribute to Marr Nealon, vegan/animal rights activist extraordinaire and her amazing relationship with the wonderful Boo who died December 2011. Enjoy!

Blowing a Deer Off the Ice (01:10) A helicopter pilot recounts his part in saving a deer who had been frozen on an ice-covered lake. Now he's free!

Brave Rabbit (00:57) In normal circumstances, this rabbit would have been a meal for a snake this size. For reasons we don’t know, the rabbit was determined to do more than survive, but rather to be victorious.

Bunnies Rescued from "Urban Farmer"** (05:29) These cute baby bunnies were rescued after being born at a shelter in late 2011. Momma bunny was confiscated by animal control from an Oakland, California resident who was raising rabbits in squalid conditions for meat.

Creation Calls - Are You Listening? (06:23) Set to the song, “Creation Calls” by Brian Doerksen, this stunning glimpse of God’s masterpiece is meant to glorify Him and draw the mind to new places of intimacy with Him.

Dolphins Living Free (00:51) Beautiful video of hundreds of dolphins, free and wild.

Dream Big at Christmas (01:13) A puppy waits for Santa's visit.

Dustbathing...Heaven for "Spent" Hens (0:40) Even though they have lived as caged laying hens for over a year, the first thing the rescued hens do is dustbathe.

Gracie's Joy (00:38) For anyone who ever doubted that dogs feel joy and love and remember devotion!

Leilani Farm Animal Sanctuary (05:21) The sanctuary in Hawaii was opened to give people the opportunity to meet and be with animals they might not normally meet.

Loving Sea Life (01:58) The sheer beauty and exquisiteness of animals is sometimes so moving, it leaves us speechless with wonder. As activists for animals, our job is to help people appreciate each and every unique, marvelous, incredible being.

Never Give Up (01:06) Use this video to inspire you and your friends and family to never give up in your work for animals everywhere.

Olympic Medals Through Vegan Diet (00:45) Olympic gold medal winner Carl Lewis describes how his best athletic performances came after he eliminated all animal products from his diet.

Other-Than-Human Moms...Just Being Great Moms (02:28) How wonderful to see all moms just doing what moms do best...loving, nurturing and caring for babies. Other-than-human animals are shown in this video doing what they do best...just being great moms.

Think Different This Apple advertisement is another way we encourage you to keep working for animals. Even though we're in the minority (now), animal activists are amazing... YOU are amazing. Thank you for being willing to "think different" to make a difference for animals.

Squirrel Obstacle Course (01:52) Squirrels make it through an involved and fun obstacle course to get some treats!

Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla (04:34) ENJOY this amazing encounter a fortunate human has with wild mountain gorillas!

Twin Baby Moose And Sprinkler (3:52) Mother and her twin baby moose playing in a sprinkler... Sweet. Think about moose hunting as you watch this.

Why Must We Eat the Animals (Oh Why Oh Why)? (05:05) WONDERFUL music video asking the simple question...oh why oh why?

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