Vegan Day 2012 - England, Italy, Spain
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Igualdad Animal [Animal Equality]
November 2012

Free vegan Food Giveaway in London

Animal Equality activists in London, gave out free vegan food in Covent Garden. People were surprised and delighted, and many of them were interested to take their first step towards a vegan lifestyle, and to choose not to put animals on their plate.

Promoting a vegan life style in Rome

Activists got out on to the streets in Rome to raise awareness of the millions of animals who are bred and die for human consumption every year. Banners, placards and leaflets informed the public about the realities of the meat industry, and how easy and simple it is to make a difference.

March and rally in Barcelona

Animal Equality activists caught everyones attention on the street with banners, posters and slogans to raise public awareness of what veganism means. At the same time, volunteers who were caring trays full of vegan food, welcomed everyone to try all the incredible dishes, Including vegan versions of popular Spanish dishes such as tortilla and chorizo.

Free vegan Food Giveaway in Madrid

Offering vegan alternatives, educating towards respect, working for change. Animal Equality activists in Madrid carried out a vegan food tasting, serving some delicious free samples of vegan food to the public and pointing out that today a vegan diet is varied, tasty and easy to follow.

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