UPC's 2016 Conscious Eating Conference Videos
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United Poultry Concerns (UPC)
May 2016

conscious eating conference

UPC’s Conscious Eating Conference 2016 brought together powerful animal activists from across the U.S. presenting cutting-edge information on a wide range of farmed animal issues. Our speakers discussed the myth of humane labeling, effective media and messaging techniques, what animals have taught us about our own humanity and much more.

If you missed this year’s conference, no problem, the videos are edited and ready for viewing:

  • Hope Bohanec
    The Humane Hoax
  • Edita Birnkrant
    Free-Range Ranching and Animal Agriculture’s
    Devastating Impact on the Environment & Wildlife
  • Robert Jones, PhD
    How Not To Be Vegan
  • Michael Bedar, Christopher Locke, and Ruby Roth
    Fiction and Children’s Authors Panel
  • pattrice jones
    Mad Cows, Queer Ducks, and Unconventional Sheep:
    What I've Learned about Intersectionality from Animals at VINE Sanctuary
  • Donny Moss
    Our Virtual World: Impacting Videos to Help Animals
  • Karen Davis, PhD
    My Personal Path and Rocky Road to Thinking Like a Chicken
  • Panel Discussion
    Ask the Experts

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