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M. Butterflies Katz (Vegan Environmental poetry/Articles on Vegan Issues/Vegan Relationship Survey results/Vegan Links galore!)
June 2009

Thirty-one years ago, when I moved from the northern state of Ohio to the southern sunshine state of Florida, U.S.A., I felt shocked when I saw the white people and black people sitting at different tables, in the staff area. Now we have an African-American first family in the white house, which, in and of itself, speaks of CHANGE, or more precisely 'evolution' of the human consciousness. Human mistreatment of non-human animals will end too! Any kind of subjugation, exploitation, brutality, domination, racism, sexism, speciesism is clearly wrong. It doesn't speak highly for the intelligence of the human race that most people can't see something so easy to see: that it is wrong to breed and raise animals for food, slaughter; stealing and turning a feeling creature's life into a commodity.

THE FUTURE IS VEGAN. Animal agriculture is not only cruel, but is non-sustainable and contributes the most to the environmental crisis we are ALL facing. If something is the TRUTH; then it still appears to be Truth from any angle you look at it. Veganism meets up to this criterion. It is an answer to the global warming problem; we could easily decrease our emissions by being vegan and eating more locally-grown food. It is also a solution to the problem of deforestation/land clearance, and to water pollution, and other environmental degradation. It is the solution to the world-hunger issue, it would improve overall human health issues, and obesity. It would curb violence and end war (vegans couldn't and wouldn't kill anyone). This is BIG STUFF; we could end worldwide war! Veganism is the answer to a lack of something spiritual to believe in. All religions paled in the face of veganism in getting me closer to God. Vegans are often ridiculed in society. When we educate people about veganism, we are doing them a favor by espousing the benefits of a plant-based diet. There are 6 of us living together who have been vegan for over 30 years, so it obviously sustains human health, and our health is better than the average omnivore our age.

We need to EDUCATE and stop the LIES to the general masses. We can feed vegan food to dangerous murderers in prisons and watch them get rehabilitated. We can feed vegan food to people in hospitals and watch them heal.

THE FUTURE IS VEGAN. Children love animals naturally until they are wrongly taught not to REALLY love animals by their parents and society. Those who teach their children it is fine to eat meat are, in actuality, lying to their children. It's a LIE; an UNTRUTH. Veganism is a GREAT TRUTH; and nothing less. Someone emailed me "Vegans are intolerant". As a seeker of Truth, am I supposed to 'tolerate' humans financing the cruel abuse of animals and the destruction of Earth?

A friend, and a 40 year vegan (and an incredible example), has a t-shirt he wears when going in public. It reads: THE FUTURE IS VEGAN. Thirty years ago, this same person showed me that we are taking our dogs with us on this evolutionary path, and inspired my great love of vegan dogs! (For info on feeding dogs vegan/photos/and advice from a vegan vet, see my article:

There are great rewards for anyone who commits to living in TRUTH, which veganism is the first step. It keeps coming back to TRUTH; something ALL people can follow and do for the betterment of the whole. Veganism is a TRUTH, I believe, for all humans. We are herbivores. We are not natural predators like a cat. Someone had written to me that 'people's reasoning for being omnivores/meat-eaters is because humans have evolved on that diet for many thousands of years.' Or perhaps humans have 'de-evolved' on that diet to the point of self-destruction of their own species, their own planet, as well as the other species? It seems to me that the hope for the humanity to create peace in the middle east, 'Peace on Earth', or possibly to even have an Earth left in the future, is by becoming vegan. Many people say these days that veganism is 'their choice'...they use that term a lot. I don't actually see that there is 'a choice'. People have the "right" to choose "what is right".

The Truth is on our side! More and more supporting evidence is proving that we vegans are on the side of Truth. After 30 years of veganism, I fill with pride even more so knowing that the United Nations report 'Livestock's Long Shadow' (not a vegan organization) revealed that veganism is 'Great Truth' for our time. I revel in THE CHINA STUDY concluding that a plant-based diet is the best for humans (T. Colin Campbell wasn't a vegan when conducting the largest study on health and nutrition, but he eats and recommends a vegan diet since the study). I rejoice when Ph.D's like Dr. Will Tuttle speak up so eloquently for animals; in his popular book: The WORLD PEACE DIET, or people tell me that they've become strict vegan after reading THE PIG WHO SANG TO THE MOON; The Emotional World of Farm Animals by New York Times best-selling author Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson.

I know that some vegans living within society, feel ridicule in their daily lives for choosing to be vegan. I hope they will stay strong and feel as I do, 'proud to be on Truth's side!' Something that propels me through an overwhelming amount of insanity and something I always keep in mind is that THE FUTURE IS VEGAN.

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