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Dr. Will Tuttle, author The World Peace Diet
December 2009

Hello everyone!

Since I was a little kid, I've heard that the spirit of Christmas is love, and that it's about generosity, forgiveness, caring, and peace on Earth, goodwill to all.

Many people look at Christmas symbolically, as the birth of the Christ within - this same all-inclusive spirit of love and compassion that Jesus apparently realized and manifested.

Looking deeply, we see that this Christ is actually the spirit of veganism, which is the spirit of radical inclusion: living our lives to bless others and to include all living beings within the sphere of our compassion.

Since Christmas is about giving, let's give the animals of this world the gift of freedom and kindness, letting them live their lives and fulfill their purposes.

There is no better time to go vegan and to spread the message of compassion for all life than at this time, right now.

Thanks for all you do, and have a beautiful Christmas and holiday season.

With love from us both,

Will & Madeleine

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