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FROM Alfredo Kuba
September 27, 2017

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I’ve been feeding my FIV rescues EVOLUTION kibble vegan cat food since 1990. I started using vegan cat food when my first rescue, a 6 month old tabby I named Mussi developed diabetes. I couldn’t understand why a kitty so young would get diabetes.

After diligently researching pet foods, I was astonished to learn that the major ingredients on Mussi’s food were mostly toxic wastes which were the likely culprit on causing his diabetes. I learned of an alternative vegan pet food named EVOLUTION and I put him on it. I was astonished to see Mussi completely reverse his diabetes in 3 months! EVOLUTION vegan food cured and saved Mussi’s life and I have been using EVOLUTION vegan kibble since with great success.

The primary reason why vegan pet food was created was to counter the toxic commercial pet food industry. Secondary was the ethical and moral implications to not patronise the most horrific and cruel industry, the slaughterhouse. The commercial pet food industry is ridden with horrific and unimaginable animal cruelties, disease, misery and death, not to mention the environmental devastation that it is associated with it as well.

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Literally all commercial pet foods, including all the major brands use slaughterhouse toxic wastes deemed “NOT SAFE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION”. Common sense tells us that if anything is not deemed safe for human consumption it shouldn’t be deemed safe for your dog or cat either. The commercial pet food industry is closely tied to the slaughterhouse, they turn all the toxic wastes, body parts, lungs, stomachs, spleens, hooves, brains, eyeballs, intestines, feathers, skins, bones, grease, soaps, plastic bags, drugs, indigestible, nutrient deficient slaughterhouse wastes into big profits by converting it into pet food. All of these toxic wastes and more are deemed by the “pet food industry” as “safe for pets” to consume. This is why millions of dogs and cats suffer and die prematurely each year from heart disease, kidney and liver disease, cancers, diabetes, etc. Commercial pet food companies spend billions of dollars annually in advertising and not “quality ingredients” as they claim.

Consider the following

All commercial pet food companies, including all major brands, have been involved in MAJOR RECALLS that have sicken and killed millions of cats and dogs. NO VEGAN PET FOOD HAS EVER BEEN RECALLED.


Q: Dogs & Cats are carnivores and it is cruel to force them to eat vegan pet food.

A: It is true that dogs and cats are carnivores however, feeding your pet commercial pet food that slowly poisons them is the real cruelty. Vegan pet foods are scientifically formulated free of toxic ingredients and are fortified with all the vitamins and minerals pets need to thrive and live healthier lives.

Studies show that dogs and cats on vegan diets live on average 30% longer and healthier than pets on commercial pet foods.

Q: Do pets like the taste of vegan pet foods?

A: Yes, most dogs and cats will adjust right away but, for some pets it is necessary to introduce the food gradually until they become familiar with it. Remember pets are individuals and some are very finicky about their food so a sudden change does not agree with some of them. Be patience and introduce the food gradually, mixing it with the old food. Start slowly and gradually increase the vegan food until it is 100% vegan. Start with 25% vegan food and 75% old food for a week. 50% vegan food and 50% old food second week. keep going on 25% increments each week until it is 100% vegan. If your pet stops eating it slow down and take more time to
introduce it.

Q: Is dry food healthy for pets

A: Some pets are prune to urinary track blockages caused by eating dry foods. In nature, animals do not eat dry food. Dry food is best serve with added filtered water. Use vegan kibble 1-1 ratio or 50% filtered water and 50% vegan kibble. This will eliminate any urinary blockages and it will keep your pet hydrated. It will also save you money as the food will double in volume. Use only reverse osmosis or distilled water. Never ever give your pet water from the faucet.

Q: What about vegan pet food nutrients?

A: Vegan pet foods are free of toxic ingredients, free of animal ingredients (cruelty free) and are far superior in quality and quantity of nutrients compared to commercial pet foods. All vegan pet foods are not created equal but generally all come fortified with all the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary for good health. The difference is one of degree.

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