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A normally carnivorous companion animal or "pet" can be converted to a vegetarian or vegan diet.  This type of diet can extend the lives of both cats and dogs and save millions of other animals each year.


Anai Rhoads


Someone told me that soy is bad for dogs. Do you know anything about that? I have a rescued retired racing greyhound, she's almost 13 now, and I give her soy milk or soy cheese occasionally.

Thank You


Congratulations on your newly adopted greyhound! I have also recently adopted a puppy from a friend. Dogs are a handful, but what you get back is priceless.

My puppy started out on a soy diet along with her dry (vegetarian) puppy food. All of the training and treat biscuits I give her are organic and vegan. You can ask your local pet store and even a health food store if they carry vegetarian/vegan products for canines. Here a few other ideas:

For the health of your greyhound's teeth, try a cornmeal based bone. They are just as good if not better than the meat flavoured bones you typically see on the market.

Try a warm soy milk, rice and bean mix as a meal for your dog. It aides in digestion and it is high in protein.

Dogs love vegetables just as much as we do. When you cook veggies for yourself, make a little extra for your dog. Canines are omnivores, so while they can eat meat - it is not necessary for them to eat it for survival.

If your greyhound is used to the standard meat based food, you can begin weaning him off that diet by slowly offering him alternatives. This slow method would work best when introducing any new food as it can cause digestive issues otherwise. Add some flaxseed oil and yeast flakes to his food boost the B vitamins. 

You have adopted a dog that would otherwise be put to sleep. In saving this dog, you have shown great compassion. You have an opportunity now to (directly and indirectly) save many more animals just by resisting to feed your pet products that resulted in the death of another.

Enjoy your new companion!

Anai Rhoads

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