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Welcome to the Newsletter for August 15, 2013

 Good News for Animals

Blackfish (The Importance of October 24th)
El Salvador votes to ban wild animals in circuses
Humane Goose-Control Solutions
NOAA Denies Permit to Import 18 Beluga Whales for Display at Georgia
Blackfish Documentary Exposes Negligence, Corruption in SeaWorld's Quest for Profit

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Stop Killing Turkeys and Quails for Museum Exhibit
Say No to Elephant Rides at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival
Tell Southern Illinois University (SIU) to End the Use of Pigs
Tell Your Senator to Oppose The Sportsmen's Act 2013 - S. 1335
Retain Protections for the Gray Wolf under the Endangered Species Act

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In Memoriam: Grace the Tiger
You Ate My Mother
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When 'Osteoporosis' Starts With an 'A'
The end of the line for Monzante: A horse betrayed
Are Organic Poultry/Eggs Even Possible?
Laboratory grown burger
Why is it okay for kids to care (and not adults)?
Gross Things in Meat (Infographic)
Saving the World With Livestock? The Allan Savory Approach Examined

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