One Month after Climate March, Hundreds Attend "Carnivore’s Ball" in NYC
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All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves. As we continue to disregard the value of the lives of the billions of animals we eat, we also are destroying our air, land and water.


Donny Moss, Their Turn
October 2014

Meatopia 2014...According to organizers of Meatopia, guests were “immediately hit with the majesty and magic of slow-roasted whole animals” when they enter the tent. Watch Meatopia 2012...

Just one month after the historic Climate March in New York City, thousands of people gathered near the same spot on Sunday to celebrate one of the the planet’s largest contributors to climate change: meat. According to organizers of Meatopia, guests were “immediately hit with the majesty and magic of slow-roasted whole animals” when they enter the tent.

meatopia 2014
Meatopia’s 2014 Theme: “The Carnivore’s Ball”

Thirty activists with the group Collectively Free staged a protest near the entrance of Meatopia to call attention to the cruelty associated with meat production. In this dramatic scene which brings to life their #SwapSpeciesism campaign, farm animals show Meatopia attendees “what it would be like if the tables were turned.”

meatopia 2014
Collectively Free Prepares “Rack of Man” and “Human Chops”

On its announcement about the protest, Collectively Free adulterated Meatopia’s promotional ad by painting blood onto the chefs’ faces.

meatopia 2014
Photo: Collectively Free

The promo video for NYC’s previous Meatopia, which was hosted by Whole Foods, contains footage of baby pigs being chased [watch it here...].

Restauranteurs, agribusinesses, slaughterhouses and others who make money off of meat turn a blind eye to the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. In fact, even America’s leading environmental groups refuse to publicly attribute climate change to animal agriculture, as documented in the new film Cowspiracy, for fear of alienating their dues-paying members. [Please read An Exclusive Interview With Cowspiracy Filmmakers Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn]

At the People’s Climate March in NYC, many participants called attention to the impact of animal agriculture on climate change, but many more lined up at food trucks to buy meat, fish and dairy products during the post-march street fair.

climate change marchers eat meat

Please visit Collectively Free to learn more about the organization and their interventions and programs.

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