28 Years in the Slammer
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Kathleen Stachowski, Other Nations
October 2015

28 years in the slammer. Four years for each of seven counts of torturing and killing an animal. The judge, speaking of his time as a prosecutor in a county DA's office where he had to deal with child porn had this to say to the dog killer after viewing video of his terrible deeds:

“Unfortunately you have to see images of innocent people. In most cases children being victimized in the most god-awful and horrific ways. And so as I watched the video in your case, it really was along those lines that I viewed it."

KUDOS to that judge for delivering a STRONG message about animal abuse.

Blessings of justice and peace for those innocent dogs.

May the perpetrator find the help he so desperately needs.

[For more details, read Animal Abuser gets the Maximum Sentence.]

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