To Protect Cormorants, SHARK Files Lawsuit to Overturn Exclusionary Zone
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SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)
May 2016

[Action Alert: If we do nothing, thousands of cormorants will soon die at the hands of US Fish and Wildlife Services]

cormorant slaughter

SHARK’s operation on the Columbia River, to document the slaughter of cormorants by the USDA/Wildlife Services, has been peaceful and non-violent - and incredibly successful.

While we were on the water, the USDA boat was not shooting birds. How then did the USDA and the their partner, the Army Corps of Engineers react? They went to the Coast Guard and asked for a so-called “Safety Zone,” and the Coast Guard gave it to them.

This exclusionary zone meant that we were not allowed to come within 500 yards of the USDA’s boat - a ridiculously large area that had nothing to do with safety and everything to do with the government wanting to make sure no one saw their bloody work. That’s how shameful this slaughter is.

The public has an absolute right to know what our government is doing to our wildlife, and they must not be allowed to suppress the First Amendment rights of its citizens. That is why SHARK has filed a lawsuit in federal court to have the exclusionary zone overturned.

SHARK is represented by Bryan Pease, who is running for City Attorney of San Diego, CA.

We will not back way from the fight to save these beautiful birds! Our boat, the Bob & Nancy, is still on the river every day.

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