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David Coles, Human Vegan Rights
May 2016

Let's make this the last Human Rights issue to ever emerge on this planet.

How do we stop cruelty towards animals? Especially in light of the fact that most people don't yet feel beyond self.

"The most direct way to help animals is to establish a point of recognition, unity and strength for people who care, so that their voice, which is a voice for the animals, will be acknowledged and understood."
-- DAVID COLES, Founder and Director of the Human Vegan Rights Movement

The growth and unification of the Vegan Movement is the key to the survival of all species. In order for this compassionate and powerful energy to manifest for all to see, it is essential that Vegan people are recognised by their own species, for how and why they feel the way they do - and that is why this is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue.


human vegan rights


human vegan rights


human vegan rights


human vegan rights


human vegan rghts

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