Warning Letter About the Heifer Project
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Letter to Amanda sent from a "friend"...
November 2003

Dear Amanda,

I am writing to warn you about something that may very well come to your school soon. It is a project called Heifer International (or, as I prefer, Halfwit Irrational), supposedly helping starved, impoverished people by sending them "gifts" of cows, pigs, chickens, llamas, rabbits, goats, etc.

This project has already invaded my school. The teachers are encouraging us to give money to Heifer, saying that it's "helping the world," "saving lives," and "bringing people out of poverty."

They offer rewards for it, take up entire periods by showing us their videos and packets, and have convinced every other student in Team A to my knowledge that Heifer International is the world's savior.

If this project comes to your school, DON'T get involved with it.

It harms animals, even if they pretend it doesn't, and will actually make problems worse in the long run. If you wish, I can send you a list of how they do.

Speaking out for myself seems to have gotten a lot of other people irritated and angry with me, including my friends. But hey, we have the right to refuse becoming involved, and also the right to hold a protest if we really want, though that certainly wouldn't be good for our social status.

Anyway, I figured that this was information that would be of use to you, so you won't be tricked into supporting an inefficient, sectarian (belonging to a religious group, which itself is a reason for not having it in school, for religion and education are not supposed to mix) group that you don't really want to support.

Hopefully, Heifer never reaches your school, but they intend on infiltrating every school in America (it's on their website), so I'm writing in order to prepare you.

Your friend...

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