A Letter from Kim Bartlett Concerning the Heifer Project
From The Heifer Project: Inhumanity in the Name of Humanity - An all-creatures.org Animal Issues Article Series


Kim Bartlett, Animal People News
April 2003 

I did a Google search last night on Heifer Project (HP) and the only result critical of HP was on All-Creatures.org.

Our son had brought home a HP packet and was very upset that his school was telling the kids to raise money for HP. The packet is about "children and animals" and presents them as living in a sort of paradise together, without mentioning slaughter.

I find it very fraudulent, and the fact that HP is a Christian organization being allowed in the public schools should be of concern to everyone who cares about separation of church and state.

Attached is what Wolf's father (Merritt Clifton) wrote to Wolf's teachers (see Merritt Clifton's Letter to Langley Middle School Concerning their Support of the Heifer Project).

 We also included the article from your website and a print-out of an article we published in ANIMAL PEOPLE called "The Meat Mob," which includes information about HP (near the end).

I would like to do more to expose HP. 

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