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January 2017

Veggie Happy started with a mission to get veggie dogs into Major League Baseball stadiums ... and succeeded! Veggie Happy advocates for plant-based menu options with a proven appeal to all food lovers. Why limit these options to one consumer category when there's an ever-increasing mainstream demand?

Find vegan foods at MLB or NFL Venue Guides.

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Plant based foods are continuing to grow in demand, particularly with Millennials. Large entertainment venues and smaller foodservice accounts are equally getting on board by adding more of these options to their menus. The options today are plentiful and tasty, appealing to a wide swath of flexitarian customers and going far beyond strict vegetarians or vegans.

Veggie Happy helps established foodservice managers by providing suggestions and liaison assistance for food samples and tastings.

“Johanna [director of Veggie Happy] has done a tremendous job of helping to implement vegetarian menu selections into sporting venues. She is very enthusiastic and will assist you doing research and product selection when necessary. She has encouraged, and assisted me in adding healthy menu items at my venue which we have continued to increase every season.”
– Sandie Filipiak, Director of Concessions at AT&T Park

For quick clarification to those who are unfamiliar: Veggie Happy is not a manufacturer, brand, or broker. Veggie Happy advocates for viable plant based menu options. Whenever you add new plant based options, Veggie Happy also celebrates your menu and helps to spread the word. Have you seen our MLB or NFL Venue Guides? They are utilized by thousands of people every day.

What might you add to your menu? Consider a variety of plant based meats like sausages, burgers etc. Or what about DF pizzas or ice cream? You might also add GF cookies, snack chips...and more.

Contact if you’re an established foodservice manager and would like more information and liaison assistance.

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