Say This To Convince A Hunter To Go Vegan
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April 2016

"Im not going to say hunting is good. But it is nowhere near as bad as factory farming."

hunters go vegan

An animal is innocent has done nothing wrong. Hes just hanging out in the woods.

And then someone shoots him. And kills him.

Its really, really, really weird. And EVERYONE realizes its weird, right?


Hunting is some screwed up shit. But not everyone realizes it. In fact, there are people who actually think its fun.

Which is actually even more weird. But if we want people to stop doing that shit, we cant just get upset and refuse to talk to them.

If we want them to change, we need to talk to them. But we need to be mindful and not let our emotions control us.

We need to control our emotions and communicate effectively with them.

Many times when someone who hunts finds out you are vegan, they immediately become defensive. And many times they will assume you hate them because they hunt.

When someone is defensive and assumes you hate them, they will probably not be open to hearing what you have to say. And they will definitely not be open to changing.

So your goal is to get them to not be defensive or assume you hate them.

So after they upsettingly say, I like to hunt. What do you think about hunting?

You respond by saying, Im not going to say hunting is good. But it is nowhere near as bad as factory farming.

In saying this, nearly 100% of the time you will break the barriers down between you and the person who hunts.

And you are telling the truth.

Hunting is really, really bad. But when you compare it to the suffering animals endure on factory farms and in slaughterhouses, its nowhere near as bad.

And after saying this, the conversation will almost always shift to factory farming.

And many times the person who hunts will be blown away and end up saying something like, Holy shit! They castrate the pigs without painkillers? Thats screwed up. I want to go eat some tofu.

After this conversation a few things will have happened:

  1. The person who hunts will view you, a vegan, as a normal person and someone he/she can relate to.
  2. The person who hunts will agree with you, a vegan, about how screwed up factory farming is.
  3. The person who hunts will be a million times more likely to explore vegan eating.

Will the person who hunts go vegan right then and there?

Probably not.

Will they eventually go vegan?

We think they probably will.

In the past few years we have both had countless people who hunt excitedly tell us about delicious vegan meals they have eaten, many completely reject factory farming, have seen others eat vegan 90% of the time, and there are others who have completely given up hunting and become 100% vegan.

So the next time you meet someone who hunts say:

Im not going to say hunting is good. But it is nowhere near as bad as factory farming.

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