Vegan Parents Charged in Death of Baby Raised on Mother's Milk
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Mike Adams, Natural News
March 2011

[Ed. Note: We felt it was important to post this article because it demonstrates how frightened so many people are about giving up their meat, dairy and eggs. It is not uncommon for "public health officials" both in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world to use the law to threaten people who are raising their children vegan. Stay tuned...]

These parents are facing 30 years in prison...Vegan children, for example, are not obese or diabetic. They don't die of cancer at age 7, either. Yet all this is increasingly common among children whose parents feed them cheese, bacon and pork sausage. But raising an obese, overweight child on animal products isn't considered a crime, you see: Only feeding a child raw fruits and vegetables is criminal!

In the latest outrage of the global "vegan police" striking out against those who follow a healthy diet, a couple in France is now facing up to 30 years in prison because they refused to feed their baby junk infant formula and instead breastfed her. The baby died at 11 months of age, and when ambulance workers arrived and found the baby dead, instead of consoling the parents, they called the police. Why? Because the parents were vegans.

And because the parents were vegans, an autopsy was performed that found the baby was deficient in vitamin A and vitamin B12, which the deputy prosecutor claimed could have been related to the vegan diet of the parents. The couple has now been charged with "food deprivation followed by death" and faces up to 30 years in prison.

Feed 'em more Happy Meals, they say

Just so you're getting all this straight, keep in mind that if the ambulance had shown up and found a dead baby in a family whose cupboards were stuffed full of junk food and fast food -- sugary cereals, McDonald's food wrappers, frozen pizza, ice cream and donuts -- that would not have seemed suspicious at all. You could have a baby die with a half-eaten bacon double cheeseburger in its hand and that wouldn't even raise an eyebrow. It is only the fact that the parents were vegans that the police were called.

And what's this business about performing an autopsy to determine if the baby was deficient in important nutrients? Do you realize that 90 percent of the babies in France and America are severely deficient in at least one other crucial nutrient such as vitamin D, magnesium or zinc?

If having a vitamin-deficient baby is a crime, then virtually all the parents who consume mainstream processed food diets are criminals. But of course, prosecutors never demand autopsies for the dead babies of parents who eat processed junk foods. That's considered "normal." Only the vegan diet is considered "dangerous" even though vegans actually go to great lengths to protect the health and safety of their children.

Watch out, vegans: They're coming for you

Vegan children, for example, are not obese or diabetic. They don't die of cancer at age 7, either. Yet all this is increasingly common among children whose parents feed them cheese, bacon and pork sausage. But raising an obese, overweight child on animal products isn't considered a crime, you see: Only feeding a child raw fruits and vegetables is criminal!

Beware, vegans: They really are out to get you. I've heard of numerous cases of parents having their children taken away by Child Protective Services in the United States solely because they pursued a vegan diet. Remember, the State is tyrannical. Always has been and always will be. The State believes that if you don't conform to the cancer-causing junk food diet that's advertised on television, then there's something "weird" about you, and there's probably something wrong with your baby, too. They will call the police and have you investigated. They will take away your child and throw you in prison. This is what's happening now in case after case around the world.

So what to do? Well, for one thing, if you are on a vegan diet, don't forget the B-12 and the omega-3 oils -- two nutrients that do tend to be very low in many who pursue vegan diets. A vegan diet requires a lot of nutritional monitoring to make sure you don't leave out a few things.

Just as importantly, be prepared to fight the State for your right to raise your baby on breast milk. The State, you see, is utterly corrupted by corporate interests. And it believes you're supposed to be feeding your baby processed "junk" infant formula made by powerful corporations. That infant formula, of course, contains cow's milk proteins and soy proteins extracted with the toxic solvent hexane. Even the DHA in many infant formula products is essentially "synthetic." Just remember: This is the stuff the State wants you to feed your baby.

ACTION ITEM: Never admit to state authorities that you are raising your baby on a vegan diet. This immediately raises suspicion among the state child protective enforcement morons who have zero nutritional knowledge and probably still run their own fundraisers by selling donuts to families. If asked, just tell 'em you feed your baby a "balanced" diet that includes a little bit of meat, a bit of cheese, and so on.

What? Am I suggesting you lie to Child Protective Services? Of course I am! Telling these people the truth -- that you follow a strict, plant-based diet that's rich in raw nutrients -- could get your children kidnapped and taken away while you're thrown in prison for 30 years. There are times when lying to the State is absolutely necessary to protect your family, and this is clearly one of those times.

And remember this: The state doesn't check all the other dead babies for their nutritional deficiencies, do they? They only check the babies of parents who say they're vegans. If they actually autopsied the other babies and children who died of cancer, for example, they'd probably find their bodies full of toxic chemical additives from processed foods and meats (sodium nitrite). They'd probably find evidence of damage from aspartame or MSG, too. But they're not interested in any of that. Kids who die after eating processed junk foods are "normal." It's only the kids who die while on a vegan diet that raise suspicion.

Be a good little consumer and feed your baby more crap food

The reason for that suspicion is obvious, isn't it? Parents who are vegans are not participating in the processed food economy that not only drives the modern food industry but also the entire medical industry! Big Pharma depends on you raising your child on toxic chemicals in order to create a new long-term patient who will need drugs and surgery. By opting out of that whole system of toxic living, you are basically giving the finger to the food and drug industries. They don't like that. That's when the police show up at your doorstep and charge you with a crime.

Yep, that's how totally insane our world has become: Breastfeeding a baby while on a vegan diet is now a crime punishable by 30 years in prison, while feeding a baby processed junk infant formula and chemically-adulterated meat and animal products is perfectly acceptable. This is true in France just as it's true in the UK or the USA. Junk foods and processed animal products are now so widely consumed that avoiding them makes you look "weird."

So if you're a vegan parent, be prepared to defend yourself against the tyrannical State that practically forces you to raise your child on a "death diet" loaded with junk foods and processed animal products. That's "normal," didn't ya know? Because today, it's "normal" to see an obese, diabetic 16-year-old heart disease patient in the hospital. Those are the kids raised on the "approved" diets preferred by Child Protective Services and law enforcement.

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