Minks Starving to Death During Worker Protest in Russia
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Robin Lawless on This Dish Is Veg
September 2010

As if the fur industry isnít cruel enough word has just come out that employees at a mink farm in Russia are starving animals in an effort to collect unpaid wages.


Workers at the farm in Russiaís European exclave of Kaliningrad blocked access to food stores last week to protest unpaid wages dating back to December.

Prior to the protest, the animals at the farm had already been enduring inhumane conditions, such as being underfed, as the farm is on the verge of bankruptcy due to the economic crisis and the drop in demand for luxury items.

During the month of August, 2010, "as many as 500 animals died daily (of starvation) at the farm and the minks began to eat each other," said Sergei Babasyuk, who serves as deputy head of the department of agriculture in the region where the farm is located.

One employee at the farm said "...the minks are so emaciated that they're painful to look at."

Maybe the Animal Liberation Front had the right idea in August when they set 50,000 minks loose in Greece. While many of them probably perished, at least they were not confined in tiny cages and at the mercy of cruel keepers.

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