One, two, THREE wild animal circus bans passed
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June 2017


We needed our spirits lifted this week after an intense time in South Africa – and it came in the form of several important breakthroughs for animals  [Devastating news about José and Liso, two of our rescued lions].

In Europe, not one but two more countries banned wild animal acts! Romania, and then just days later, Latvia passed bans on the use of wild animals in circuses, bringing it to an incredible 37 countries worldwide that now have restrictions on the use of animals in circuses, and more are in the pipeline!

Then on Wednesday a huge victory was secured as one of America’s largest, and an international city of influence, New York City, finally banned wild animal circus acts. The landmark vote has been years in the making, ADI working closely with bill sponsor Councilmember Rosie Mendez, and its impact will be far-reaching.

With a ban looking imminent in Los Angeles following our intense campaign, this could be a real turning point to end circus suffering. It is a great relief that campaigners can now see that it is vital to press for bans on ALL wild animals and not dilute our efforts further with timid measures such as seeking protection for only one species, or seeking to only eliminate certain tools used as weapons. We must work hard to ensure that nobody gets left behind in our efforts to gain legal protection for animals. These animals need us to fight for the strongest measures possible. For federal legislation, that means urging your congressmember to support federal bill H.R. 1759, the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act (TEAPSPA) to stop circus suffering across the US!

Germany’s Schwabenpark are to end chimpanzee performances. You will remember how we exposed the suffering of chimpanzees forced to wear clothes and perform tricks at the Park.

Now local campaigners are negotiating with the owners and authorities to secure change for the chimps. EALERT BODY 3 23.06.2017Three weeks ago we screened the Italian version of our award winning documentary Lion Ark at the prestigious CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival in Turin as part of our campaign with Italy’s LAV to secure a national ban on wild animals in circuses. This week, proposals to phase out the use of wild animals in circuses passed Italy's Senate Culture Committee so we have passed the first of four parliamentary hurdles in this process already!

The Polish version of Lion Ark is also scorching across Poland at present, with our friends in Viva creating awareness for a ban in Poland.

Please help ADI keep working for permanent global change to end circus suffering. The victories are piling up but we cannot do it without you. Please give whatever you can. 

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