Victory for Wild Florida, Endangered Manatees
An Animal Rights Article from


Center for Biological Diversity
May 2013


Big thanks to the Center's dedicated supporters in Florida, who can claim partial credit for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' decision last week to deny a permit to a destructive dredging project in the Tampa Bay area that would have needlessly harmed 4 acres of wetlands and 29 acres of important seagrass habitat.

The Center and allies had generated 40,000 signatures opposed to the damaging SunWest development, and the Corps' denial of the permit -- which it said would be "contrary to the public interest" for a host of environmental, economic and safety reasons -- will spare seagrass beds that provide nurseries for fish, shellfish and crustaceans and a bayou that supports endangered manatees and other unique Florida species.

"Thanks to the hard, honest work of dedicated scientists and government employees, Fillman's Bayou will remain the prized gem of Pasco County, and dolphins and manatees will continue to thrive in its waters," said the Center's St. Petersburg-based attorney Jacki Lopez.

For more information, visit Save the Manatee Club

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