Update on 2015 Seal Hunt
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May 2015

TAKE ACTION: Please take a moment to write to Chinese officials to ask that China join many other nations in banning seal product imports.

The slaughter of harp seals in Canada is almost over. Over 30,000 defenseless seal pups have been bludgeoned and/or shot to death by off-season Canadian fishermen.

The man who is primarily responsible for this atrocity this year is Bernie Halloran. He is the owner of a Newfoundland fur store named "Always in Vogue." He took a CAN $1 million government subsidy (in the form of a loan) this year in order to open a seal skin processing plant and purchase 30,000 seal skins.

The main seal skin processor, Carino, declined to purchase seal skins this year, despite being offered the same subsidy. Carino's CEO cited existing stockpiles in this decision.

dead baby seals
Live seal pups next to skinned seal pups on ice floe.
Photo: Exclusivepix Media

Halloran believes that he will be able to develop Asian markets for seal skin products even though the Canadian government's multi-million dollar efforts at developing these markets have failed thus far.

It is likely that the skins of these helpless pups will remain in stockpiles, too.

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