United Airlines will NO LONGER Ship Primates to Labs
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
January 2013

We have exciting news to share: Following a relentless PETA campaign, United Airlines has announced that it now prohibits the transportation of primates to laboratories for use in cruel and deadly experiments!

In 2011, when United announced its planned merger with Continental Airlines, PETA contacted United to ask whether the airline would maintain its compassionate ban on shipping primates to laboratories or allow the cruel practice, as Continental had. When officials refused to give a straight answer and then a United cargo representative confirmed in writing that the company was not prohibiting such shipments, PETA launched a public campaign urging the newly merged airline not to send monkeys to die in pain and misery in laboratories.

United received more than 130,000 e-mails from PETA supporters who took action through our website. Thousands of dedicated activists flooded United's Facebook wall with messages and heartbreaking photos of primates locked in laboratories. And PETA organized demonstrations against the airline at its offices around the world, including at the company headquarters in Chicago. We also purchased stock in the company with the intention of introducing a shareholder resolution later this year.

United Airlines' laudable decision not to ship primates to laboratories means that, with our recent Air Canada victory, not a single commercial North American airline is willing to do so, making it much more difficult for experimenters to get their hands on primates in order to separate them from their families and poison them, drill into them, addict them to drugs, and lock them in solitary confinement.

PETA will continue to pressure the few remaining major airlines that haven't seen the light and followed United's lead. This shrinking list includes only Air France, China Eastern Airlines, Philippine Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines. You can help animals by urging these airlines to stop this cruel practice.

Thank you for helping make this victory possible and for your compassion for animals everywhere!

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