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Why I Love Turkeys

FROM Gary Loewenthal
October 2012

I love turkeys because:

After Opal the turkey escaped from the slaughterhouse, and was held upside down by her captors, and had her head dragged along the ground for so long that she became unconscious, fate intervened when two vegetarians who saw the ordeal pleaded with slaughterhouse employees to let them have her, and now she is living peacefully with other rescued turkeys at a farm animal sanctuary.

Even after Alice, another rescued turkey, could no longer walk on her feet, which had been partially amputated at the factory farm, and could no longer hold up her genetically oversized body, she still enjoyed being carried out onto her favorite spot on the lawn, where she felt the warm sun on her back and the cool grass beneath her.

Turkey moms dote on their young.

Turkeys all have unique personalities. Their lives have meaning to them, therefore I respect them and won't kill them, or pay someone to kill them for me.

For the tenth year in a row, I won't have turkey on Thanksgiving. I'm thankful that I don't support violence against animals.

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