SHARK Wins Federal Lawsuit to have Troy Gentry Tame-Bear-Killing Video Released
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Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)
October 2010

When Troy Gentry, of the country music duo Montgomery Gentry, pled guilty to a crime resulting from the horrendous slaughter of a tame bear inside a one-acre electrified enclosure, he probably thought that everyone would soon forget about his cowardly and dishonorable act. He was wrong. Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) waged and won a three-year battle (including a victorious lawsuit) against the US Fish and Wildlife Service that forced the federal government to turn over the videotape of Gentry's canned hunt killing.

This morning, SHARK released that video on YouTube so that Gentry's killing of an innocent bear can be seen by everyone.

"Once you watch this video, you will see proof of how loathsome and revolting a human being can be," states Steve Hindi, President of SHARK. "Troy Gentry's actions are vile; he is a coward and a liar and he mercilessly slaughtered a beautiful animal who's only fault was that he was worth more dead to his owner than alive."

Troy Gentry Kills Tame Bear and Lies, Part 1
Troy Gentry Kills Tame Bear and Lies, Part 2


In 2004, Gentry bought a tame named "Cubby" from Lee Marvin Greenly, the owner of "Minnesota Wildlife Connection," where people can photograph wild animals that have been domesticated.

Cubby, long ago, being a tame, happy bear
Photo from SHARK

A photo of the not-so-wild Cubby
Photo from SHARK

Another photo of the not-so-wild Cubby
Photo from SHARK

Gentry paid Greenly $4,650 - and then filmed himself shooting an arrow into the poor animal, all the while pretending the bear was wild and even dangerous.

Gentry was charged with a felony, but plead guilty to a misdemeanor and received a minor slap on the wrist. Though Greenly pled guilty to two felony charges, he received only probation.

"They literally got away with murder," states Hindi. "But now the Court of Public Opinion is in session. We believe that anyone who watches this video will judge them guilty and condemn them as we do. Troy Gentry should never appear on a stage without a massive cry of "shame" blasting toward him."

In the video, Gentry claims with glee that he shot Cubby in the lungs. While this brought Gentry much pleasure, as his glowing smile attests to, the reality is that when an animal is shot in the lungs they literally drown in their own blood (note how when Gentry is holding Cubby's dead body, the bear's mouth is filled with blood). Imagine someone shooting you with a razor sharp arrow and you crawl away, blood pouring from your mouth until hours later you finally die. That was Cubby's fate, and how millions of other animals that are victims to bowhunters die.

Cubby's corpse being weighed and tagged
Photo from SHARK

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