Top 10 Things You Did for Primates in 2013
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International Primate Protection League (IPPL)
December 2013

Thanks to the generosity of thousands of people like you, during 2013 we were able to accomplish so much good for primates near and far.

gibbons sanctuary at the sanctuary

1. We cared for 37 rescued and retired gibbons at our sanctuary, including recently-paired lovebirds Gibby and Tong. Gibby is a lab veteran and Tong is a former pet.

2. We gathered signatures and sent protest letters, which helped end Malaysia’s massive government-sponsored monkey killings. Our efforts saved the lives of tens of thousands of monkeys.

3. We helped fund eco-education (and more!) at the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon. The sanctuary provides a home to monkeys, chimpanzees and gorillas. IPPL has helped fund this sanctuary since 1995.

4. We raised funds to repair fire damage and hire 24/7 guards at the J.A.C.K. chimp sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the wake of an arson attack.

5. We co-sponsored ProFauna’s motorbike ride across the Indonesian island of Sumatra to campaign for the protection of orangutans.

6. We welcomed four new gibbons to IPPL’s sanctuary. They were retired from a Florida tourist attraction that was closing down. Meet Glenda!

7. We held a 40th anniversary art event at which local supporters were taught how to paint Gary, one of IPPL’s handsome gibbons.

8. We helped support Fundación Entropika’s successful legal efforts to keep owl monkeys from being trapped for a research lab in Colombia

9. University School of the Lowcountry youngsters planted a vegetable garden for United Way's "Day of Caring." 40 volunteers helped with all kind of projects.

10. We represented the interests of primates at a Conference of the Parties on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species held in Thailand.

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