Tennessee Horse Slaughter Bill to be Withdrawn
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International Fund for Horses

Tennessee State Representative Frank Niceley, the sponsor of a bill promoting horse slaughter for human consumption, announces he will withdraw the bill for the current legislative session. Many Tennesseans voiced their opposition to returning horse slaughter to American soil, particularly in their home state. Notable among them were Willie Nelson’s daughter Amy Nelson, and granddaughter Raelyn Nelson, both residents of Tennessee.

Issues that influenced Rep. Niceley’s decision were the negative environmental impacts and complicated legal matters attached to horse slaughter.

Rep. Niceley joins Illinois State Representative Jim Scacia who withdrew his bill to overturn a ban on horse slaughter for human consumption earlier this year.

Federal legislation banning horse slaughter for human consumption is currently pending before Congress. H.R. 503 has 180 co-sponsors, but has been sitting in Committee since March of last year without a hearing. It’s companion bill, S. 727, has 28 co-sponsors and has also been in Committee since that time.

Thank you to those of you who worked with the Int’l Fund for Horses to get “When Horse Slaughter Comes to Town” into the hands of leading Tennessee state legislators, the Governor, the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce, and influential business and community leaders throughout the state.

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