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December 2011

Captain Paul Watson, along with the rest of the Sea Shepherd Conversation Society, is currently in the midst of the group’s latest effort to foil the Japanese Whaling fleet, called Operation Divine Wind. And like the previous four campaigns, the high seas adventures of the controversial non-profit will be on full display next June, when Animal Planet’s award-winning series Whale Wars makes its triumphant return.

According to Animal Planet:

WHALE WARS, one of Animal Planet’s most talked-about, best-performing and award-winning series, has once again signed on to follow Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s next whale defense campaign in Antarctica. Produced by The Lizard Trading Company, WHALE WARS will return for a fifth season in June on Animal Planet with a yet-to-be-determined number of episodes.

If you recall, last year many fans of the show were hopeful that the fourth installment of the hit series would be the last – but apparently the Japanese whalers have decided to fight on.

“WHALE WARS has been ground-breaking and riveting television, because each side is willing to risk it all in the Southern Ocean,” said Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager of Animal Planet. “Last year, we all thought the Sea Shepherds had ended whaling but now they are once again preparing to risk much for what they believe in.”

“It makes little political or economic sense for the Japanese fleet to return to whale in the Antarctic waters,” said Captain Watson. “But it appears their motivation has shifted from hunting whales to refusing to surrender to Sea Shepherd.”

Whatever the motivation, you can bet the Sea Shepherds’ crew of 100 international volunteers and three vessels – the Steve Irwin, Bob Barker and Brigitte Bardot – will be up to the challenge.

Whale Wars season five will premier June 2012.

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