Holland America cruise line adds all vegetarian menu
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Laeticia Butler on This Dish Is Veg
May 2012

[Ed. Note: All-Creatures.org is unhappy that the "all-vegetarian" menu offerings are mostly not vegan, and...this is a small step forward for animals.]

You can close your mouth now. I'm sure you are just as shocked, and excited as I was upon first finding out the news of Holland America's addition of an ALL vegetarian menu.

The company has 15 ships, and thanks to Master Chef Rudi Sodamin, they will each offer the new menu to their main dining room. With 22 options available, it's a veg-lovers dream.

As a vegan that enjoys traveling, I often do extensive research before my trip. It is important to me that I know whether there will be food options available to me while away from home. While I am often able to make a vegan dish out of just about anything that might be available, it is so much better to visit a locale with veg-friendly options.

Holland America Line's executive vice president of marketing, sales and guest programs, Richard Meadows had this to say:

"Many more people are choosing a vegetarian culinary experience, yet the options can be limited. By offering a complete vegetarian-only menu and the largest vegetarian selection at sea, we are ensuring that all guests can take part in an exceptional dining experience while cruising with Holland America Line."

Dishes on the vegetarian only menu include Portobello Mushroom and Chipotle Quesadillas, Vietnamese Vegetable Spring Rolls, Curried Vegetable Empanadas, Sweet and Sour Vegetable Tempura, Vegetable Jambalaya, and Grilled Vegetable and Tofu Kebobs just to name a few.

I know, I know, you are jumping for joy with excitement, but hold on, there's more! In addition to the vegetarian only menu, Holland America will offer 30 vegetarian dishes on the main menu.

Offerings include Corn and Zucchini Pancakes with Southwest-style couscous salad, Asparagus and Zucchini Torte with wild rice and sun-dried tomato coulees, Carrot and Parmesan Risotto topped with a lemony arugula salad and crispy carrot ribbons, and Grilled Eggplant and Bell Pepper Masala braised in yogurt with Indian spices and served with coconut-pistachio basmati rice (obviously not vegan but anything with pistachio is yummy, right?).

You should note that the vegetarian only menu is available upon request, and the 30 new vegetarian options in the main dining room are available buffet style in the Lido restaurant for lunch. In addition, there will be at least one appetizer, soup or salad, and at least one (if not more) vegetarian entrées every night.

If you're sitting there thinking about your next trip and wondering where this cruise line will take you, the answer is all over the world! Destinations include Hawaii, Alaska, Canada & New England, Caribbean and Bermuda, Mexico, Australia & New Zealand, Panama Canal & South America, and Grand Voyages!

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