Tax day: open your wallet to animal experimentation
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White Coat Waste Project
April 2014

It's a fact: April 15 is the favorite day of the year for the government's animal abusers.

That's because today, you will open your wallet over $12 billion in TAXES to pay for their painful and wasteful experiments on animals.

But don't take my word for it.

As the Daily Caller recently exposed: "For more than 20 years, an Ohio State University professor got funds from the NIH to conduct research that included forcing small dogs to run on treadmills to induce heart attacks. Taxpayers put up $1.9 million for these experiments.

Please follow this link to make a special, tax-deductible, contribution of $20 or as much as you can afford to take the fight to the government's animal abusers this tax day.

I have instructed my team to immediately step up our fight against these taxpayer-funded houses of horror. With your urgently needed tax-deductible contribution we will continue to:

  • Confront the big government, taxpayer-funded animal experimentation lobby with aggressive TV, print, and radio advertisements that hold the animal abusers accountable.
  • Enact an all-out media blitz to show taxpayers how their money is being wasted on painful, wasteful, and ineffective experiments on animals.
  • Develop a state of the art digital campaign that will persuade and activate a new generation of taxpayers to rally politicians and bureaucrats against forced taxpayer-funded animal experimentation.

Don't forget: there's no limit to what you can contribute and every dollar you donate to protect animals in taxpayer-funded laboratories can be written-off for tax purposes.

Dogs, cats, primates and all animals in the government's taxpayer-funded labs are counting on your immediate tax-deductible contribution today.

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