Susan Boyle Turns Down 10 Million Pound Mansion for Cat's Sake
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I Dreamed A Dream singer Susan Boyle is said to have turned down a chance to move into a 10-million-pound mansion, as she does not want to uproot her beloved pet cat Pebbles.

Sony Music executives offered to rent her the house in an exclusive Californian community after learning her council house in Scotland had been broken into.

But Boyle, 48, who is Sony's golden girl after selling more than eight million copies of her debut album, was worried that a move would upset her 10-year-old cat.

"Pebbles doesn't want to move. She's lived there all her life and cats hate upping sticks," the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

Sony offered her all the trappings of comfort and was blown away when she refused.

"Susan told us she couldn't possibly be happy without her cat with her, even though we told her we'd fly Pebbles over here too," a Sony source said.

"She seemed terribly sad but said she feared her pet might not survive the flight and, even if it did, might not settle by the ocean.

"She blew us away. We even offered her a housekeeper, assistant and a chauffeur but she stuck to her guns," the source revealed.

Boyle is adamant she will never leave her four-bedroom semi in Blackburn, West Lothian, which is estimated to be worth about 80,000 pounds, and which she has lived in since childhood.

"She is a home-buddy. I couldn't see her leaving everyone she has here," a lifelong friend of the singer said.

Scottish presenter Ross King, who lives in Los Angeles, thinks she is right to stay put.

"LA is the toughest of tough towns to live in. There are people here who might try to take advantage of her. I think she would find it very very hard," he added.

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