Lead the Way to Equal Rights of All Animals
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


David Cantor, Responsible Policies for Animals (RPA)
May 2015

Adopting an animal-rights strategy does not mean refusing to speak out or to do good work on behalf of nonhuman animals in need – just as promoting human rights does not mean refusing to help human beings. It just recognizes that very little good work promotes equal rights that we all need to lead a fulfilling life – rights are a particular kind of policy that must be precisely and explicitly promoted.

I am attaching a first-of-its-kind document for your use and review: Responsible Policies for Animals’ Animal-Rights Strategy Paper #1, a two-sided sheet in PDF that you can read, save, print, and share. Read Lead the Way to Equal Rights of All Animals (PDF).

A printout of Animal-Rights Strategy Paper #1 will be enclosed with the spring 2015 issue of RPA’s newsletter Persons, coming soon. If you are not already an RPA member receiving Persons, become a member by visiting Responsible Policies for Animals (RPA).   

As you will see, the activities promoted in Strategy Paper #1 are not popular animal-advocacy activities but the kind that lead to equal rights of new groups of persons and eliminate genocide-fueling perceptions of some persons as less than human. I am always available to assist you with animal-rights activities that you might wish to undertake – on your own, with your group, or in support of RPA’s campaigns. We’ll soon tell you about a new RPA campaign using tactics outlined in Animal Rights Strategy Paper #1.

Very briefly, why is a rights strategy rather than a helping strategy is needed? Helping animals can only help very few animals possessing no rights and perceived as less than human – abuse increases daily under the helping regime. Activities that promote equal rights will begin to help large numbers of animals long before the rights all animals need are established in the Constitution, implemented, and enforced like human rights. And animal-rights strategy promotes basic human interests, avoiding backlash so broader support for animal rights is possible than for helping animals or for less-inhumane shopping choices – if we dedicate ourselves over time.

 Learn more at www.RPAforAll.org – especially Animal Rights, Animal Abuse: It’s Why We Suffer, and my article on the failure of the first wave of the “animal rights movement” – all linked on the homepage.

Be sure to tell me anything you might find unclear in, or missing from, Animal-Rights Strategy Paper #1 – like all RPA literature and webpages, this item will evolve as useful.  Perhaps you are among the many friends who have discussed strategy with me through the years.  Many thanks to all who have assisted in the struggle for a precise animal-rights strategy.

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