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Stop Fireworks

[Ed. Note: Please also read Drumming Instead... of Fireworks, Why I Hate Fireworks]

From Voice for the Voiceless
June 2012

Say NO to Fireworks - it's the humane thing to do.

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Hazel Voice, community activist against fireworks, started South Africa's Voice for the Voiceless on 1 January 2006 when she could no longer tolerate the suffering caused by the anti-social use of fireworks.

Having relocated from the bustling, noisy city of Johannesburg to the tranquil, calm of Ramsgate, the violation of personal rights and space caused by fireworks became more evident than ever before.

"By night, I was comforting terrified pets. By day, I was reading about traumatised pets, domestic animals and wildlife, babies, disabled and elderly people. Virtually every kind of inhabitant of our glorious South Coast was being adversely affected and something had to be done about it," said Hazel Voice.

It was time to get off her chair and get off her chair she did!

Hazel ran the campaign virtually single-handedly for the first year of its existence: gathering signatures, creating awareness, e-mailing news groups, ensuring press coverage, impressing upon the Municipality ... endless hours of dedicated effort. Today, she has an effective network of active supporters determined to bring about real change.

Whilst still very frustrated that she hasn't been able to change the world ... yet ..., Hazel has had the satisfaction of seeing some change in the area:

"I congratulate the Loeries and Wozani and thank them profusely for their caring efforts.

I also thank:

When Hibiscus Coast Municipality aligns its policies with those of leading nations; when holiday makers no longer violate our Bylaws; when local residents no longer support those stores selling fireworks; and when we can get through a 'time of celebration' without a fireworks burden being placed on our Police, Protection Services, Fire Department, Hospital Services and SPCA; then, and only then, will I consider the Say NO to Fireworks campaign a success."

Say NO to Fireworks - its the humane thing to do.