Governor of North Carolina Officially Recognizes Save The Frogs Day
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Save the Frogs
December 2011

On Friday, Governor Bev Purdue of North Carolina officially recognized the 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day (April 28, 2012) in the state of NC, and she "commends its observance to all citizens." Thanks and congratulations to 13 year old Rachel Hopkins of Raleigh, NC who along with mother Pam made this happen. Rachel raised over $1,200 for SAVE THE FROGS! last Save The Frogs Day and is now helping to ensure our politicians know about the dangers frogs face and the importance of protecting them!

A few days ago I sent the North Carolina proclamation to California's Secretary of Natural Resources John Laird as he likes frogs; he responded "Kerry - Thanks. I will forward your email to the Governor's (Jerry Brown's) office and let them know North Carolina is leading the way." In 2009, Governor Tim Kaine officially recognized Save The Frogs Day in the state of Virginia, and we hope that Governor Jerry Brown will do the same in California this year.

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