LGBT Compassion's Successful Campaign Against Gay Rodeo Sponsor
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From Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) November 2011

On Oct 20, SHARK received the following email from Andrew Zollman (, regarding their efforts to have a San Francisco Winery withdraw their sponsorship of a gay rodeo:

Dear Animal Advocate,

The October 22, 2011 protest has been cancelled, as Winery SF has withdrawn its support of animal cruelty in rodeo:

"...I applaud your efforts against animal cruelty and in no way am a supporter of animal cruelty. ...we have discontinued our involvement with the Gay Rodeo as you requested." -(Kenneth) Bryan Kane, owner of Sol Rouge, LLC dba Winery SF.

We hope this will help us in our protests against other sponsors and supporters, who are mainly in The Castro neighborhood. We hope that you will join us in those protests.



SHARK congratulates for this wonderful victory. This is an example of how activists can have an impact and help stop animal cruelty.

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