Georgia Probes Sea Turtle Deaths
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May 24, 2004


With the upcoming G-8 summit at Sea Island, many fear recent turtle deaths may have an impact on the events.

Improper shrimp fishing is said to have contributed to at least 71 turtle deaths along the Georgia's coast.

Students were expected to locate turtles that had been tagged prior to the event via radio transmission. The school-children were excited to be a part of the State sponsored contest, as it gave them the opportunity to not only see how far the turtles have gone, but to also name each.

Patrols of the area will be conducted often to scope out boats that roam federal waters. If the regional administrator discovers turtles in the net or that the net was not equipped with the turtle-saving device as recommended by the State, the fishermen may be expected to pay a $10,000 penalty. Each net should have a metal frame that is incorporated into the net, allowing the turtles an easier escape if caught.

With the aim of catching a bigger batch of shrimp, some fisherman have excluded the frames and even have gone as far as sewing up the holes, making it literally impossible for the turtles to leave the man-made deathtraps.

With the rise of shrimp boats in the area, the problem has escalated quickly. Within a 14-day period, officials have spotted 100 new shrimp boats. The average is only six off the Georgian coast during this time of year.

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