Sealife wins...California Coastal Commission votes unanimously to deny seismic testing
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November 2012

Whale lovers itís time to CELEBRATE and thank the California Coastal Commission (CCC) for protecting whales, dolphins, sea otters and a long list of other marine wildlife from the devastating impacts of a proposed seismic testing project by PG&E. Last Wednesday, the CCC voted unanimously to deny PG&Eís application to conduct seismic testing in Californiaís coastal waters adjacent to the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.

The proposed seismic tests would have blasted powerful underwater air cannons every 15 seconds for 9 days decimating marine life from whales to plankton. PG&E had hoped by doing this and mapping another earthquake fault they could then claim that Diablo Canyon was safe and should have itís operating licensee renewed. Earthquakes, oceans and nuke plants are a dangerous combination no matter how many tests they do Ė Fukushima Ė need I say more.

Nearly 60,000 of you took part on our online action and sent the CCC a message urging them to deny PG&Eís permit request. During the Commissionís deliberations they thanked the public for their comments and participation, letting us all know that they heard us and agreed with us. I too want to thank everyone who contacted the CCC. The coalition that came together to fight this insane proposal was rather amazing with whale lovers, conservationists, fishermen, native Americans and a host of others standing together telling the CCC not now, not ever, our coastal heritage both cultural and environmental is priceless and NOT to be sacrificed for one companies profits.

Several of the commissioners went on to tell PG&E that proposals like this will never be approved in California. Also that PG&E should decommission the Diablo Canyon nuke plant, shut it down permanently and start investing in green energy alternatives. I couldnít agree more.

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