Say No to Animals in Pet Shops
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Say no to animals in petshops
December 2005

Bryan Adams, Daniel Johns from Silverchair, Wil Anderson, Krista Vendy, Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, ex Democrats Leader Andrew Bartlett, actress Denise Roberts, Judith Durham, Bianca Dye, Frenzal Rhomb, Suzie Wilks, Uri Geller and many others all say no to buying animals from pet shops.

Please tell your friends/workmates/relatives about our campaign. Please sign the petition, please buy our stickers, please donate to SAY NO, please ask us to send you a stack of our leaflets to hand out and please download our leaflets for distribution.

We need to educate the public. Most people say "But that's where you buy animals from - a pet shop!". They just don't know what's going on. They'd be horrified if they knew that over 200,000 lovable and homeless animals have to be euthanised every single year in Australia.

Please also tell everyone you know not to think they are 'rescuing' an animal from a pet shop when they purchase it - this only makes way for others to suffer. Backyard breeders and puppy farms are making millions from the breeding of animals - with your help we are already making a big difference.

When looking for an animal companion we say: Please scout all pounds and shelters first, and if you still (unbelievably) can't find a suitable companion in these places then go to a registered breeder that has great word-of-mouth referrals".



"I will never understand why people continue to breed animals, When there are already so many animals here to exploit and abuse."

~ Greg Lawson - 


"If you love animals, please support Say No To Animals In Pet Shops. Why encourage people to breed animals for profit while so many loving animals are killed for no crime other than not being able to find a home? If you want a pet, please make your first stop the local shelter or pound and save a life."

Daniel Johns - Silverchair - February 2005


"Think about it - what happens to animals which the pet trade cannot sell - animals past their 'sell-by date'? What happens to animals when the shop closes up at night, at the weekend and over the holidays? What do pet traders do about sick animals, given that the time and cost of veterinary consultations, transport and treatment would often outweigh the selling price? Buying to rescue an animal from a pet shop merely makes room for the next one to suffer".

In 2005 we here at SAY NO TO ANIMALS IN PET SHOPS are looking forward to a year when we really let the public know just where those animals in pet shops come from; why they should consider adopting a companion animal from a pound or shelter and that we're angry and not going to sit back quietly while hundreds of thousands of animals are put to death annually.

We've got a couple of thousand members nationwide - and more joining every single day.

The Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, officiated at a SAY NO leaflet handout in Sydney a year ago and she too is horrified and angry at the outrageous waste of innocent animal lives each and every year. When nigh on 200,000 abandoned cats and dogs are put to sleep every year in Australia - it really is a crying shame. Most animal agencies such as the RSPCA stand with us in our campaign.

We have recently been awarded a $1,000 grant from the Voiceless program aided by the actor Hugo Weaving and in 2005 we intend to spend this money very wisely on a standout advertising campaign.

We continually go from strength to strength, educating the public as to the shame of greedy puppy farmers and backyard breeders who make their fortunes from breeding and selling unfortunate animals to pet shops. Most of these animals are shopping mall impulse buys and they end up eventually at the local shelter or pound.

Please come along to our website - buy some beautiful SAY NO stickers, download our leaflets and sign our petition.


Ban 'pet shop animal sales'

A GROUP opposed to the sale of animals in pet shops wants the federal government to legislate against the backyard breeding of domestic pets.

A former singer of the 1980s band Adam and The Ants, June Bird, an organiser of Say No To Animals in Pet Shops, said today thousands of animals were killed in shelters around Australia every year because they were not claimed.

As part of the group's campaign for federal laws to restrict mass breeding and to improve conditions for animals in pet shops, members today handed out leaflets in Sydney.

"Pet shops should be for collars and pet food," Ms Bird said.

"They do not provide a suitable environment for animals or make buyers aware of their responsibilities."

Ms Bird said the group would not give up until the government legislated to stop cruelty to animals.

Supporters of Say No To Animals in Pet Shops include Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett and pyjama king Peter Alexander.

June Bird & Krista Vendy from SAY NO TO ANIMALS IN PET SHOPS appeared on Channel 10s Good Morning Australia (with Bert Newtown) on May 4th.


We would like to announce that Krista Vendy is our new SAY NO TO ANIMALS IN PET SHOPS spokesperson.

You will know Krista from TV, she's a stunningly beautiful actress, and a great person who adores animals.

Krista has just arrived back from L.A. and is ready and raring to spread the very important SAY NO message.


Want to know one of the best ways to spread the SAY NO TO ANIMALS IN PET SHOPS message? Stickers!

We can't all protest puppy farms, chain ourselves to pet shops or stand for hours handing out leaflets but these great stickers below - designed by fellow founder Dave Casey - are our calling card. When you put them on your car people really sit up and take notice. I have mine on my car's rear window and on the side window so when I'm parked passersby also get the message.

They really do get people thinking and they come along to the website to check out what it's all about and ultimately become staunch supporters.

Stickers are $2.50 each (cheaper for bundles over 20) and you can now also pay with our PAYMATE option via our website.



Please check out GIRL.COM.AU: - Senior Lifestyles magazine's article, November 2005 - and then there's a Spheres magazine's ad - , A Dog's Life magazine interviewed us recently and they put together an incredible article, we have been given an ad in ultrafunky high fashion OYSTER magazine, an ad in http://WWW.YENMAG.NET and an article in SX Magazine, a write up in Cat Affairs (the Cat Protection Society's magazine) ...phew.....Avant Cards are giving us a huge free Christmas run!


We have also been on GMA with Bert Newton (May 2005) and spoken on MANY radio shows all over Australia.


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