Save the Primates
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Save the Primates

Image: Animal Defenders International

The recently released documentary Save The Primates exposes the global primate trade across three continents, including one of Europe’s largest testing facilities at Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire, England.

The international campaign launch from Animal Defenders International (ADI) comes as Members of European Parliament (MEPs) face up to the opportunity to phase out primate experiments for the first time in over two decades.

Image: Animal Defenders International

The Save The Primates documentary follows the ugly path of the primate trade including wild animals being captured in the rainforest, how primates live in “monkey supplier” warehouses and the gruesome primate experiments that take place in the UK behind closed doors and big fences.

Save The Primates reveals the use of primates in commercial testing at Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire, with struggling monkeys strapped into chairs and forced to inhale products. Huntingdon Life Sciences is a major contract testing operation for multi-national product brands. During the one-year ADI undercover investigation, 217 monkeys were killed in just five studies.

In September 2007, the European Parliament adopted a declaration co-originated by ADI calling for bans on the use of wild-caught primates and great apes, along with a timetable for phasing out the use of all primates in experiments. 55% of MEPs signed the declaration.

“The documentary Save the Primates shows…the cruel reality of animal experiments,” said Jens Holm MEP, GUE/NGL, Sweden. “Everyone who believes that animal experiments are carried out in a manner well regulated by law and with proper regard to the animals needs, should see this highly revealing documentary.”

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