Animal Rights: Remedy to Trumpism
An Animal Rights Article from


David Cantor, RPA Responsible Policies for Animals
January 2018

The needed response is not just protesting and resisting Trump, voting for candidates who oppose Trumpism, and urging people to act 'humanely' at the personal level. We must confront the Biocaust and promote equal rights of all animals.

All thinking people are naturally concerned about the impacts of President Trump – encouraging sexism, racism, and anti-Semitism, using immigration police as a Gestapo, shifting even more human wealth to the wealthy, diminishing millions of people’s medical coverage, boosting the worst dictators, undermining Enlightenment values worldwide, and more.

In the new blog post “Animal Rights: Remedy to Trumpism [PDF]” I explain why confronting the Biocaust and promoting equal rights of all animals, not just protesting Trump’s policies and practices and supporting Democrats, is the best way to halt the administration’s intensified assault on human beings, other animals, and the living world.

Deregulation – the centerpiece of Trump’s domestic “policy” – hints vaguely at “freedom,” but it is intensely anti-life, targeting the meager progress against injury to human beings, other animals, and the living world instituted in recent decades.

Responsible Policies for Animals’ campaigns are designed to undermine the Biocaust – our species’ millennia-long assault on the living world – the root cause of human misery. “Animal Rights: Remedy to Trumpism” recommends specific citizen action. See what you think!

Have a great 2018! And, as always, let me know if I can assist you in promoting equal rights of all animals and a reduction in animal abuse and human misery that can only happen when human beings recognize all animals’ innate equality and personhood. 

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