California Bear Hunting Expansion is Rejected
An Animal Rights Article from


Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)
April 2010

Your comments really DID make a difference!

Thanks to a huge public outcry, the California Fish and Game Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to not move forward with its radical changes to bear hunting regulations that would have allowed even more bear killing in the state.


Photo by Jim Robertson, Animals in the Wild

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, “the commission decided not to make changes to existing regulations after the Department of Fish and Game, which initially urged the changes, reversed its position Tuesday afternoon because it had been deluged with public comments.” Your comments really DID make a difference!

If approved, the Department’s proposal would have:

allowed an unlimited number of bears to be killed across California during the hunting season permitted the use of high-tech global positioning equipment and “tip switches” on dog collars to make it easy to locate and kill a bear at point-blank range opened the first-ever bear hunting season in San Luis Obispo county and expanded the hunts in Modoc and Lassen counties significantly expanded the hound training season thereby allowing dogs to harass bears nearly all year long

While the commission is expected to revisit the issue and vote on it again this summer, this week’s decision won reprieve for California’s black bears. ALDF will keep its members posted if additional action is necessary to stop the Department’s proposal from moving forward.

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