Irrefutable Reasons Not to Hunt
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Jim Robertson, CASH Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting blog
April 2018 

Why hunting is horrible...

  1. Hunting is Cruelty to Animals who want to live.
  2. Hunting disrupts animals social breeding and feeding routines.
  3. Trophy Hunting causes a reversal of evolution of evolution by seeking out individuals with the most antler spread or horn curl, etc.
  4. Sport Hunting encourages destructive, violent behavior in humans.
  5. Targeted animals are devalued as living beings with their own rights.
  6. Hunting is stealing from future generations who want to see the animals.
  7. Some people love being outside in Nature and shouldn’t have to fear being shot.
  8. Nonhuman animals are much more aware and intelligent than once believed.
  9. Many non-target animals, human and nonhuman are shot each year.
  10. Killing animals for sport numbs people’s compassion for others.

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bighorn sheep
Bighorn Sheep photo by Jim Robertson, Animals in the Wild

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