In the Battle for Hearts and Minds, Vegans Launch a Volley
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David Robinson Simon, Meatonomic$
January 2015


pleasure pain veganism

The meat and dairy industries bombard Americans daily with aggressive, often-misleading messaging to convince people to consume more animal foods – a tactic discussed at length in Meatonomic$.

Now, in a refreshing counterpunch, advocacy group Animal Protection & Rescue League (APRL) has launched two “GO VEGAN” billboards next to a busy freeway in Los Angeles. It’s not cheap to design, create and run them – $13,500 for the first month, to be exact, but the economics make sense.

pleasure pain veganism

Together, the billboards are getting two million impressions per week – or eight million impressions over their four-week run. That’s about $0.002 per impression, or less than 1/35th the cost of vegan literature (which runs $60 per 1,000 fliers).

While a flier in hand might provide a more detailed message than a “GO VEGAN” slogan glimpsed in passing, advertising lore says a message must reach a viewer nine times before it pays off. Thus, by subjecting commuters to repetitive views, these billboards could help nudge many toward veganism.

True, they’re not cheap. But the beauty of crowdfunding is that anyone who likes the message and wants to help promote it can pitch in. Check out the campaign, which offers perks (including inscribed copies of Meatonomics and meals with the author) for gifts of various sizes. Contact APRL for more informaiton.

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