Cruelty Won't Fly With Philippine Airlines
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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
July 2013

Earlier today [July 9, 2013], Philippine Airlines issued a statement on its Facebook page stating that the airline will no longer transport "any and all types of primates destined for cruel research and experimentation."

The airline's statement explains that this new policy is a direct result of PETA's relentless efforts to urge it to stop shipping primates destined for painful and deadly experiments.

Since earlier this year, PETA and its Asian affiliates have staged colorful protests at Philippine Airlines offices around the world. Recently, PETA Asia-Pacific activists even visited two of the company's ticket offices to let customers know about the cruelty that they were supporting by flying on the airline. Other activists also lent a helping hand to the campaign by conducting demonstrations at Philippine Airlines offices in Australia and elsewhere. And tens of thousands of supporters like you picked up the phone and wrote e-mails to Philippine Airlines making it clear that you wouldn't be giving the airline your business until it stopped shipping primates to misery in laboratories.

Philippine Airlines' decision is another major blow for the primate experimentation industry. Every year, Philippine Airlines has shipped hundreds of monkeys from a breeding facility on the Indonesian island of Java to laboratories around the world, including the University of Washington and Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories. Not anymore.

Because of our successful efforts to convince airlines to ban shipments of monkeys and other primates to laboratories, primate imports to the U.S. dropped 40 percent from 2008 to 2012. With this year's success in getting China Eastern, Vietnam Airlines, United Airlines, and now Philippine Airlines to end their involvement in the primate trade, experimenters will have an even harder time getting their hands on victims for their cruel experiments.

Only two major international airlines continue to ship monkeys to laboratories: Air France and China Southern Airlines.  

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