Why Animal Rights Activists Must Join the Peace Movement
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Top 10 Reasons I am a Peace Activist as well as an Animal Rights Activist:

10. Because war and animal exploitation are two expressions of the same cultural orientation toward domination rather than cooperation.

9. Because we believe that human and non-human animals deserve the same compassion
and respect and therefore we must care about the human children who will be terrified, killed, injured, displaced, and orphaned by war.

8. Because peace activists are compassionate people who might over time be convinced
to extend their compassion to non-human animals.

7. Because wartime constraints on civil liberties have already and will continue to jeopardize our ability to advocate for animals.

6. Because, if we ever wish to gain the support of a critical mass of people, the animal liberation movement cannot afford to remain estranged from social justice movements.

5. Because the United States military practices vivisection on a massive scale, testing conventional, chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons on animals.

4. Because military attacks on urban spaces terrify, kill, injure, displace, and bereave companion animals.

3. Because military attacks on rural locations terrify, kill, and bereave farmed animals.

2. Because bombs and biological weapons destroy habitats and poison the environment upon which all animals depend for sustenance.

1. Because bullets, bombs, and biological weapons donít distinguish between human and
non-human animals.

Here are some links concerning the impact of war on animals

Here are a few helpful tips for animal liberation activists working within the peace movement:

DO mention non-human animals when discussing the innocents who will be hurt in the course of warfare.

DONíT forget to include humans when discussing the innocents who will be hurt in the course of warfare.

DO make yourself useful so that you will eventually be regarded as a trusted ally.

DONíT try to introduce your agenda to an organization until you have won that trust.

DO refer to your own veganism as an expression of peace.

DONíT expect people to immediately see the connection and change their diets overnight.

DO understand that working in coalition means you will not agree on every point.

DONíT even try to do this if you are currently so (justifiably) angry at people that you cannot work with those who do not share your views.

DO remember that change is a process and that other animal advocates are with you in spirit even when you feel very alone.

DO what you can and trust that others are doing the same.

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