The Physicians' Committee Best of 2014
An Animal Rights Article from

FROM Physicians Committee (PCRM)
December 2014

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I. Alternatives to Animals in Medical Education

II. Alternatives to Animals in Medical Research

  • Saving Dogs from Heart Failure Experiments
  • Ending the Use of Animals in Alcohol Abuse Experiments
  • Saving Puppies from Rabies Experiments

III. Alternatives to Animals in Product Testing

  • Holding the Pesticide Industry Accountable
  • Providing International Leadership
  • Computerized Test Methods
  • Skin Sensitization Replacement Methods
  • Predicting Toxicity Without Animals
  • Working for Legal Protections

IV. Preventive Medicine

  • Healing Diabetes
  • Developing Evidence for Plant-Based Diets
  • Airport Food Review
  • Processed Meat Toxic to Your Health
  • Fast-Food Chains Win 2014 SICK Award
  • Healthy School Lunches
  • Reaching New Audiences
  • Educating Health Professionals

See entire report here - PDF

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