One Person Spoke Up and BJ's Wholesale Club No Longer Sells Fur
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Laurence E. Van Atten- Holyoak, International Animal Rescue
January 2013

BJ's Wholesale Club is a huge chain similar to Costco and they sell items in bulk.

fur BJ's real fur  fur BJ's real fur 

On a recent shopping trip to BJ's Wholesale Club, I was shocked to see several racks of real fur jackets and trim. There was a saleswoman there who verified that they were real fur, although there were NO tags in any of the jackets stating that they were real.

I went to the manager of the store and complained. She said that the fur dealers were doing a road show traveling to several different BJ's club locations. She took down my information and seemed sincerely bothered that they were real. I told her about the fur industry and gave her some information that I always keep handy for times like this. She was so kind and just horrified about what I told her.

A few days later, I followed up the complaint with an email to BJís. I had also asked other animal advocates to call the store and voice their opinions about fur. This was their response:

As promised I sent your inquiry to the relevant department and as per their response this was already addressed by BJ's Corporate. We pulled the product off the shelf as soon as we received the initial complaint as well as the information regarding the labeling. We will not be selling fur products again.

I checked two local stores just two days later and every rack of fur is GONE! I am so happy that they actually cared and that all of the calls and emails they received really made an impact.

If you ever see fur products, don't be afraid to voice your opinion to the manager, in a nice, calm way.

The animals need us to be their voice! And please feel free to thank BJ's for making a compassionate decision!

[BJ's online contact form:]

It gives me hope and I feel empowered that we can really make a difference by speaking up.

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