Objectification Of Animal Murder Through Semantics
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June 2009

Hiding of diseases related to animal eating hidden through semantics



  • to bag: verb for killing a deer or other stalked animal
  • to harvest or "cull: another verb for murdering animals
  • thin the herd: phrase for slaughtering animals
  • shuck: rip coprophagous oysters from the muscles connecting them to their protective shells
  • pork: objectivist term for subdivided murdered pigs' cadavers
  • beef: objectivist term for subdivided murdered cows' decomposing corpses
  • mutton: objectivist term for subdivided murdered sheep's putrefying carcasses
  • veal: objectivist term for a baby cow's murdered decaying flesh
  • pate: objectivist term for the smashed livers of tortured geese
  • the word bovine is struck from tuberculosis to obscure
    the disease causing nature of cows' milk
  • Kine Pox or Cow Pox: changed to smallpox to obscure
    the eating of cow flesh as an origin of the disease
  • Wool Sorters' Disease: changed to anthrax
  • study: verb for kidnapping, torturing and murdering lab animals
  • pith: to shove a needle into the brain of a living frog
  • field dress: to remove the skin from a mammal, pull out his
    intestines etc.
  • biotechnology: new term for vivisection animal
    'research' companies
  • stock market: term for many corporations invested in animal
    and people slaughter
  • they're not vermin but rats and mice
  • they're animals' ground up bones not mad cow marshmallows
  • they're not anglers but stranglers
  • they're animals' ground up fat, not beef tallow
  • pigs don't live in sties, they live in homes they make... when they are free
  • it's not feed they eat, it's food, though it often contains
    the rotting parts of Mad Pigs and Mad Cows
  • it's not a lion's lair, it's his home
  • it's not a fox's den, it's his home
  • it's not an eagle's aerie, it's his home
  • they're not meat... but the victims of serial killers
  • he's not venison but a murdered deer
  • she's not caviar but a ripped up sturgeon
  • she's not leather but skin ripped off a cow
  • she's not a broiler but an innocent nonverbal chicken
  • he's not jerky but a slaughtered skinned turkey
  • he's not got Chronic Wasting Disease but Mad Deer, cervine spongiform encephalopathy
  • a chicken doesn't have leukosis, but leukemia, a disease
    transmissible by eating her corpse
  • it's not Avian Flu or West Nile Virus but Mad Bird, avian spongiform encephalopathy
  • they're not ecoli but colon bacteria multiplying in a dead animals' intestines
  • they're not 'it' but 'he or she'
  • they're not 'head' but cows
  • they're not hunters but stalkers or ambushers
  • it's not a pod of whales or a school of fish or a pack of dogs
    or a flock of birds... it's communities of living beings


  • clear: to murder many trees
  • pluck: to kill a flower
  • mow: to decapitate dandelions, shred sapling trees
  • timber: word for slaughtered trees
  • lumber: word for felled trees

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