No Wolves Shot In Idaho Killing Contest...Sadly, 21 Coyotes Shot and Killed
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Wild Earth Guardians
December 2013

[Ed. Note: For more, read Federal Judge Allows Idaho Wolf Derby to Proceed and A Nation Divided: Lupophobia, Wolf Protection or Managed Slaughter]

wolf killing derby coyotes
photo credit Ray Rafiti

With great relief, I wanted to share the good news that no wolves died during the killing contest this past weekend in Salmon, Idaho.

Sadly twenty-one coyotes were killed, and ill-informed anti-predator rhetoric was on full display.

While our lawsuit did not block the killing contest entirely, we succeeded in stopping the event from occurring on public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management and helped shine a bright spotlight on the dark depravity of the killing contest, even garnering a New York Times commentary.

The wolf and coyote killing contest is a stark reminder that much work remains to ensure that dangerous myths about native carnivores are unraveled, and their importance as key parts of healthy, thriving ecosystems is understood and celebrated.

Looking forward into the new year, we’ll continue advocating for wolves by fighting the national gray wolf delisting proposal, working to stop trapping in Mexican wolf habitat, continuing efforts to dismantle the federal Wildlife Services program’s wildlife poisoning and killing campaign, and acting to end killing contests on public lands.

Thank you for joining with us in 2013 in standing for wolves. Please join us in 2014 as we continue to confront cruelty, defend imperiled species and their habitats, and celebrate wild places and wildlife.

Happy 40th Birthday to the Endangered Species Act, Happy New Year to you and thanks for your patience with us for sending two emails today — we thought the good news was too important not to share.

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