Speaking Out Against Dolphinariums
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Bruce Crocker
November 2015

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Phuket Wan Tourism News - "OFFICIALS confirmed on Thursday that the Fisheries Department has approved the importation of a number of dolphins to the Nemo Dolphinarium on Phuket despite opposition from the holiday island's expat community**. Any airline that flies in the dolphins is expected to face sanctions."

** this writer suggests that the opposition to this facility is not limited to the “expat community” bit also includes many Thai citizens as well.
Please note - The comments which follow are not intended to refect on places whose PRIMARY purpose for existence is to rehabilitate the badly injured and/or sick cetaceans.and return them to their ocean environment.

I realize that in some cases, despite all efforts having been made to do so, some may not be able to be rehabilitated. Those few DO need a place of refuge and I commend those who are providing such refuge. My comments are directed at the USER and ABUSER who has no genuine purpose in mind except the exploitation of the cetacean for profit or self-gratiification!!

I, and other activists for cetacean freedom, are often asked –
" Why are you so against dolphinariums? Dolphins are fun to watch, see them smile and have fun! It's educational too....we get to learn about dolphins!...and besides, in the dolphinarium, the dolphins are safe and don't have to worry about predators."

My answer to that is

** Because those tanks are nothing more than prisons! Prisons for dolphins! Prisons that, if a comparable structure were to be made for humans, they would be condemned outright as a structure which, as housing for even our most heinous criminal, would be considered to be a violation of their "human rights" because this would subject the occupant to cruel and unusual punishment!!**

Do you think dolphins should live like this:

wild dolphins

Or should they live like this:

Representation of Phuket’s small tank with its intended occupants

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